Thursday, 30 June 2011

Days 3 and 4 in the Quiet house

Days 3 and 4 are getting put together - basically because we didn't get home till 10.30 last night and was too tired to do much but crawl to bed and sleep!!!

Our plans for yesterday were to go to Aberdeen and meet up with friends. Our friend Sue's daughter has been in Sick Children's for a while, so Lou and i thought it would be nice to visit - give them both a different face to look at.

So after phoning Sue to check what day was best for her and booking the tickets, we were good to go.
About 7.30 am i got a text from Sue. It said that Sophie hadn't been great during the night and could we leave off visiting - she was really tired. I replied saying yes, then we had to decide what to do.
We decided just to go to Aberdeen and have a wander round anyway. We had the phone with us and if Sue texted to ask us to get to the hospital, we could.
So off we went - 3 hour train journey, texting Sue and also Lynne to see how Jack was.

On arrival, we headed to Union Square and had a little wander, buying some Italian biccies and dried fruit from a stall. They looked yummy and we wondered how long they would last!!
Next off to the  beach - now, Aberdeen is on the North Sea Coast. Much as it was a nice day, there is a BREEZE!!! And even at the end of June it is a chilly one!!!! We sat for a while, texted Sue to see if she needed any supplies (no) and then went for ice cream.
After that, we walked back up into the city centre and headed for the Maritime Museum. We have been there before, but thought it was worth a quick visit again. To be honest, we ended up sitting on a seat looking out over the harbour and chatting. We decided to move before we got thrown out!!!

So off we went in search of somewhere to eat. We ended up in Frankie and Benny's - more because even tho it was 4.30, they still had a lunch deal on. After, a wander, then to the station for the train home. I texted Sue and found that Sophie was asleep and reasonably comfy.

Got home - loads of nose kisses from the cat then bed!! It had been quiet,

Louise had gopne back to my friend Donna's where she's been cat sitting this week and said she'd be up and we would go to the carers group in the morning. About 7.30, my phone beeped. It was Sue.

Sophie had died peacefully not long before, holding Sue's hand.

My reply was to send our love to her and hubbie and that i would write.

Not much more that i could say really.

I messaged a couple of folk that i wanted to tell, grabbed the cat and told her i needed a hug and waited for Lou.  As soon as i said that Sue had texted me, she knew it wasn't good.

So my mood was a bit down. We went to Carers - long enough for a cuppa and a chat and then headed off. I wanted to go to Hobbycraft to buy some stuff to make a card for Sue.
Got home - tidied, put out washing, Lou back at Donnas and i had lunch. I'm going to go and make the card now. And write them a letter telling them of our memories of Sophie. Like how in a photo i took, it looked as if she was putting 2 fingers up at me!! My kids tell me it was Sophie telling me to get lost with the camera. Or like Peter and Paul fighting over who was to push Sophie's chair. She had them round her little finger!!!

She is a lovely, gorgeous girl who will live on in our hearts and minds.
And i  am so glad she chose us to be our friends.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 2 in the quiet house.................

Well, it's still quiet!!
I had a peaceful morning, footering about, tidying up, having a shower in peace with no demands from others to get in to the bathroom. Hung out some washing and then went to town to pick up out tickets for tomorrow.
Normally, it would be a rush to get in, then back home, but since i don't have any bodies to worry about, when they'll be home demanding food and clean clothes, it was nice to just t ake my time. I went to the bus station as well to book our tickets for going to Skye in August.
Went to M+S and bought some goodies for our train journey and headed home..

Louise was in, so we caught up and made our arrangements for the morning. THen she headed off for work.

So it was Me, Matthew and the cat. We did our things and chilled.
Till Matthew and i realised that we didn't know where Lilo actually was!!
Last i'd seen she was on the window sill in the living room.
Matthew had gone to the shops and was thinking that maybe Lilo had xlipped out.
But this is the cat who runs a mile in the opposite direction when you open the front door!!! She is a big fearty about the outside world unless she is in the comfort of her carrier!!!!

We called her name.
We rattled her dish.
We YELLED her name.
We looked in the washing machine.
the cupboard under the stairs.
In the washing basket, behind the couches and just about everywhere else.

We left her for a while thinking she'd come pattering in to the living room.

Nothing, zich nada.
Not even a whisker or a hair!!!!

Eventually, i went back upstairs to look. I KNEW she couldn't have got into the rooms, cos all the doors were closed. I called her name again and heard a faint sound.
Mmmmmm methinks.
Now - Matthew said he had looked in the part of the hall upstairs between the bathroom and the cupboard. To be honest, this is a bit of a dumping ground and even tho it does get tidied, it's a job you start, then think, ach, hell, this'll do.
So it still looks like a dump!!
after a few seconds, i saw this pair of eyes peering out at me!!!
MATTHEW - I've found her!!!

Lilo was sitting in the huff under a box!!! We think she is missing the boys and cos Matthew and i don'tplay with her like they so, she took the huff and hid!!
We do play with her, but it's not the same.

Oh, man - i was nearly in tears!!

Mind you, by the time we got her outta there, i could have strangled her!!!!

The boys phoned just after tea time. Paul sounded a lot more relaxed than he did yesterday. They went canoeing today and on the big swing.
THe swing looks good and scary all at once - you start off low down and it can be raised up high and you SWING!!!!! Peter stayed on right till the end!! Paul came off before that.

Tomorrow they are going sailing and on the power boat.
Tonight was karaoke - i could hear the music in the background - it sounded good!!!

COntrol freak worry wart mum has still been locked away and has been told she's not getting back out till friday evening!!!

So now i'm going off to sort a few things for the morning, then to bed - have a long day tomorrow!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 1 in the quiet house!!

It's early evening in the quiet house - and all is........... quiet!!!!
The boys went off thos morning. Arrived bright and early at the station and waited for the train to be displayed.
Eventually it was - the final destination of the train was................. PENZANCE!!!!!
Now, for those who are not sure of this island we call home - Penzance is so south and so west, you will fall off Britain if you go much further!! And float around in the bit where the atlantic hits the English Channel!!
And to make it even more confusing, the boys are heading to Newcastle - it's in North east England, jsut below Hadrian's Wall and the Scpottish Border. We joke that those who live north of the wall and south of the border are almost scottish anyway!!!.
Me thinks this train travel lark could be confusing - Glasgow to Edinburgh to Newcastle i can get, but to cross back over going south west, thru Bristol onwards to Exeter and almost to Lands End!!!!

I explained to the train manager that they were travelling alone and even tho they are both 18 + it's the first time they have travelled alone - so he made sure they got to the right carriage and got the bags on for them  - nice man!!

Got the boys to the seats and Paul pulls a biggie.
Mmmm - Mum - i'm a bit worried about this.

Like - WHAT????? 5 minutes before the train pulls outta Glasgow Central you land THAT on me. Talk about laying on the guilt with the biggest trowel you can get!!

I quickly told him that things would be fine and he'd have a great time and Peter had been told to behave. I said that i'd need to get off the train soon, else i'd be going with them, but i'd wait on the platform till the train went.

As i waited this guy passed me and looked - i told him i felt a bit like bad mum and told him what Paul had said. He asked where the boys were going and i explained it was a place near Newcastle that was an outdoor adventure place catering for folk with learning/physical disabilities and the people who support them. He told me that the staff were probably well used and well equipped at dealing with people who were doing the caring and a bit nervous of being away.
He made me feel a lot better and he's prob right - they'll go and have a blast.

Off the train went and i waved.  Then went off top loo and promptly texted Paul to say that all would be fine and the staff would be used to helping deal with Peter if he went on a strop!!!!

I went off to buy a bag a Percy Pigs to take to my friend on Wednesday, then to the Disney Shop to buy something for her daughter - i've bought a Tinkerbell doll, which is cute! Sophie is in hospital in Aberdeen just now, so Louise and i are hitting the 9.41 train to Aberdeen on wednesday morning to go and visit. We're coming back home that evening, but we reckon we'll have a few hours to sit and chat.
Mind you - the laptop played up last night and wouldn't let me pay for the ticket. So Louise went off to our friend's house and used her (lou's) LT and she got them done. Will need to pick them up from the station.

Lou stayed at Donna's last night and is staying tonight. She's popping in and out of here as she chooses. She's working tomorrow.

So it's me, Matthew and the cat. And the cat is asleep on the table just now!!! Paul has assured me that all sharp or blunt objects have been removed from the house and the insurance documents hidden, so Matthew and i can just sit and chat - like old fogies should do!!!

Paul did leave a comment on FB to say that he wanted to shout FREEDOM á la Mel Gibson in the station!!! And he phoned to say that they were waiting for the pick up. Heard nothing since, but i'm not too worried. I'm sure the centre would have phoned if anything had gone wrong. The girl said it's a bit hit and miss for the mobile phone signal, but they do have a payphone. I've told the boys just to phone if they have time - i don't want them to miss out on something good cos they are waiting at a phone to phone home.

More adventures as i get wind of them!!!!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Blogger is driving me CRAZZEEEEE!!!

Blogger is driving me mad just now.
I still can't comment on some people's posts and it's hit and miss posting on my own blog!!!! At times i write a blog and it won't post and when i go back to repoat, only some of it is there!!!
And best of all, sometimes it wants me to post anonomously!!!!!
Me - do that!!

AYE RIGHT!!!! As we say in these parts.

So Odie - i'm sorry - i have tried to post, but can't. Hope Linda continues to improve and the veggie salad thing sounded lovely - but - mmmmm - just WHAT is square peg corn?????

Skippymom - i do love your cartoons!!
Lyndylou - i'm surprised you didn't crash at my house the other night - but then, there would have been little or no sleep, TT and BJ concerts would be talked about all night and supplies of southern comfort would have been depleted!!!

So i'm going to sort the last of the packing!!!!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Two more sleeps!!!!

It's 2 more sleeps till the boys go away on their big adventure.
This is where they are going

I think they'll decide on Monday evening what they want to do.
BTW - if you click on the link and find Kielder - that's the place they are going. The train tickets are booked and the pick up @ Newcastle Station is organised.
I've been packing today.
Now - packing is a major event in this house.
I make lists.
I make lists of lists.
I wash and iron and put things "to the side not to be touched till packing day under pain of death".
Then i buy a few new things, toiletries and bits and bobs. And leave them in the bag safe.
(aye - so "safe" i can never find them when i need them and come across them 3 centuries later!!!!)

Paul had brought down trousers, t shirts and jumpers. Even tho the weather is to be reasonable next week, they will be outdoors and need to be warm at time.

Matthew meanwhile is gobsmacked at the amount i have packed!!

(Guess who packs for holidays in THIS house!!!! He is the one who left a carrier bag with his socks in on the chest of drawers, even after i asked him to put them in the case!!
Have you ever tried to buy a pair of socks in Tain??
You can buy all manner of Scottish tat and even a fine bottle of Glenmorangie (for those of you who are into whisky!!)

But socks!! Nae chance. It's like trying to buy knickers on Skye!!!!

Mmmmmmmm................................... Maybe THAT'S why men don't wear anything under their kilts!!!! Lack of a shop to buy underwear and home delivery is a nightmare if you step outta city boundaries!!

Anyway - back to the packing. It's mostly done, just one more list to get thru and that'll be it.

So monday morning they are off.
It'll be quiet in this house!!!
DO i mind??
What do you think!!!!
Louise is off cat sitting for our friend Donna, so between that and her working, i don't think we'll see too much of her either. I think she is planning on staying - i saw her sort out some DVDs to take down.

SO matthew and i have been left home alone!!!!!!
Well - home alone with the cat!!

Peter is going off to respite in Ayrshire at the end of the month and we've booked for a weekend in september.

Between all the packing and washing, i'll be in need of the few days in Skye with Linda that we've planned in august.

Portree may never be the same again!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A busy life!

As usual, it's been all go here the past few days.
Paul and i went to the show @ St Ambrose on Friday night. It was kinda sad, cos it's the last show where one of my kids is at the school and they think it'll be the last show in the current building - they move to the new school summer 2012. It was weird for Paul to be in the audience - he's usually up on stage getting stuck in and enjoying it. But this year, he was doing other things - like the strathclyde band and helping out at Drumpark school.
It was also sad that it ends 11 years of being associated with the school - parents nights, involved in various things.....
But the show was good - they were doing We Will Rock You! The headteacher took her life in her hands sitting in front of me!!! I sang along to every song. My fav - Days of our Lives. Kind of sums up life!

Louise was working at the weekend - after surviving the Taxi Drivers Outing to Troon last week!! And yesterday Paul had rehersals for the show at Drumpark.
Today and this evening is show time. Now - most of the other 6th years are off to the 6th year prom tonight. Paul decided several months ago he wasn't going to go. He was given tickets to se Bon Jovi for his 18th birthday. When we booked them, we thought the prom would be the same night. He had the choice - BJ or prom.
It was a no brainer really!!!!
I'm sure he coulda wangled a way into the prom when he found the dates, but he didn't really bother. And anyway - he got wind of the concert tonight and would much rather be playing with the kids!!!

So tomorrow, Lou and Paul will be out @ the concert. Peter has work and then an interview for college later in the day. I'm going stir crazy, cos i've spent the past 2 days in or near the house - yesterday i had loads of washing out and today it piddled most of the day. It's early evening and the rain hasn't long gone off.

And the boys are going off on their travels next week - so i have clothes to find and pack for them. No pint getting them to do it themselves - they end up with 3 pairs of pants, i pair of socks and half a toothbrush between them!!!!

SO now i'm going off to relax and enjoy what passes for peace here!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Jumble Mash's giggle button

Over at Jumble Mash's blog, she has a giggle button. She will often ask her blog followers to nominate a blog that can be read by clicking on the button. My Friend Lynne (over at Giggle Fest) put my blog on!

Oh, i was so touched  - it was a really nice thing for her to do and i hope those who tapped into my blog enjoyed reading it. And if anyone new is reading - please leave me a comment - i like getting to know people!!!

I'm still haaving a few probs trying to post comments, so i'll comment here.

Odie - I'm glad that Linda is continuing to get better and that you have managed to book a few days away. Enjoy the rest and each others company. Hoping you have better weather than we have today :-((( we have rain. Ah well - it's June. In Scotland. What do i expect!!!!!!!

Skippymom - just going to go on over and read your latest post. If i don't manage to post i just wanted to say that my last child had officially LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!!!! No longer is he a school pupil - he is now in the world of college. Well - come august!!! I thought i'd still be in the way of school days, but no - surprisingly quickly have i got outta that "oh, it's wahtever time - they need to go soon, or will be home soon " routine. Actually, i'd almost forgotten that some people are still at school!!!

So i'm away to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. Peter is away to the Art Galleries with Emma, Paul is off at Drumpark School to help out with the rehersals for their school show next week. I'll have some lunch - maybe a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich - if the cat leaves me in peace to eat it!! Then i may consider doing some ironing!!!

Have a good weekend all!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Planning holidays and days out

Hurrah!! Peter and Paul have both escapes the clutches of school (forever for Paul!!!) and college (for Peter) for a while.

SO............. we've been making plans for the holidays. Peter has extra hours with his workers. We've been sitting making plans with Nikki and Emma. Some are reasonably cheap days out, others a bit more expensive. Peter wants to go to the zoo in Edinburgh - just as well Nukki will be with him, else he may be kept in with the monkeys!!!!
And he wants to go on the train to Edinburgh one day. Our local line has opened up a link between here and there, so one day that will be done.
Other things include going to one of the local parks where they have a little farm type place with animals - free to get into and often during the hols they have activities on. So a packed lunch and some juice and it's a cheap couple of hours out!!!

The boys are going off to Kielder in Northumbria for a few days - it's an activities holiday - canoeing, bikes and loads of other things. Paul is supporting Peter on this holiday. Mmmmm - just wondering how they'll get on!!! It'll be an adventure, going off on the train to Newcastle and getting picked up. They go for 5 days - long enough for a good time without being so long the wanna kill each other on the train home!!!

I'm also going to book some time for Peter at the respite he was at recently - the one with the log fire and the horse!! He had such good fun last time and has been asking to go back.

And best of all - we're going back to Skye for a few days!! This will be fun!! Peter is looking forward to meeting up with Lachie and watching DVDs!! And i'm looking forward to having time with Linda - catching up and chatting and maybe a drink or two!!
In fact, we are making preperations for this holiday already - Costco run done - special offer coffee bought and tea bags as well. And maybe a bottle of something nice for after dinner of an evening!!!!!

Watch this space for the photos and the further adventures of this crazy lot!!!

Monday, 13 June 2011


Last week, Jumble Mash had a blog where she matched up music on her i pod with diferent parts of her life and things that happened - just a random thing.
I'm not so technical, but  i thought i'd do a kinda " Desert Island Discs" kinda thing and give you my music choices and why they mean something to me.

So - for a kick off and in no particular order

1 Arrival of the Queen of Sheba. It sums up the holiday we had in California in 2006. We arrived we saw and we had a great time!! Much as i would love to go back - and would in a flash if i had the money - i know that it wouldn't quite be the same as that 1st visit!

2 Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Even tho it's only been a couple of years since the song came out, it kinda sums up how i felt round about the time we were told Peter had a chromosome abnormality and how i felt for a few years after. I felt i had to do everything myself and should be able to cope with it all, but in reality i couldn't and some people around be realy made me feel as if i was letting the side down. What did i mean that i couldn't split myself into 3 to make sure everybody got to the right place at the right time?!?!?!

3 You'll never walk alone - the Lesley Garret version - i love LG, she has a beautiful voice and this version she has a brass band playing and it kind of makes it special. But it was reading John Barrowman's reasons for including it on a cd that i thought i'd choose it - I need to remember that i DO have friends who are there to support me, will not judge me when i dissolve into tears because i am so overwhelmed with everything i have to do and they will have the tissues, a cup of tea or a friendly e mail or comment to help me on my way.

4 The Voice Within is my choice for Louise - to let her know that sometimes life can be a bit scary out there, but she'll never know what it's really like unless she goes out and lives her dreams.

5 Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring - because my Dad walked me down the Aisle to that when Matthew and i got married. You think Kate Middleton's Dad had a smile on his face that day she married Wills???? You ain't seen my wedding photies!!!! My Dad's smile brought sunshine to a rainy day!!

6 I Hear Music in Me - this one is for Paul - for the obvious reasons that he loves his music. He also sang it along with the Senior Chorus at school on a CD that was recorded for the Head Teacher who was retiring.

7 Piano Man by Billy Joel - he sang this at the end of his concert here in Glasgow - and he couldn't have done it without my help. I belted it out and gave it - as we say in these parts - LALDY!!!!!

8 Can't Help Falling in Love - the version from the Film Lilo and Stitch - it's my song for Peter and once you look at those eyes and that smile - well - what can i say???


9 To Make You Feel my Love - Billy Joel sang it, but it's a Leonard Cohen song. Usually LC would drive me crazy, but this just struck a chord.

And to make it really á la desert island discs, my book of choice would be The Holy City by Meg Henderson. It's the story of Clydebank and the blitz and how it affected a family over the years after. Sad in parts, but really funny in others and shows west of scotland humour and life at it's best.
My luxury item would be my MP3 player with the above songs (and maybe a few more!!) and loads of photos.
My food wouldn't actually be a "food" as such, but i'd want Kimbles to provide my food - a lovely little place here in Glasgow - nice food, family run and i think some of my music would go down well!!!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Touch my world with your fingertips.........................An evening at the Winter Gardens Prom

As many of my friends know, my house is often filled with music of some sort or other and has been for several years. From Louise and Peter with what the called the "dance faster" music from the film Amadeus to the Singing Kettle to Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, Billy Joel, to violins, recorders and clarinets. Oh, and a spell with a Bass Clarinet as well - just for something a little different!!!!

Last September, Paul decided to join the Strathclyde University Concert Band. As the name suggests, it's based at the Uni, open to students, staff and mmmmm - anyone else who cares to come along and join in. Paul is wanting to eventually do a degree in Music. Alas, one of the best degrees going has been axed by the uni and the replacement hasn't come into being - yet.

But first - the music. Paul has loved being in the band and has played some challenging music. They have 3 concerts - Matthew went to the last 2, since i was doing other things, But last night i went. It was held in the Winter Gardens on Glasgow Green - a lovely venue.

The Band played music by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Andrew Lloyd Webber and others/. The BA Applied Music Ensemble were singing and there was a Brass Sextet.

I had that hairs on the back of your neck feeling when the Band started playing. There were more clarinets and flutes than you could shake a stick at and even a Bassoon and a tuba. God, i thought the tuba player was going to bust a blood vessel, or his guts or something - he put sooooo much effort into it!! And they ALL enjoyed it!!.
Now - none of these people get payed for this. They do it for love, enjoyment and maybe a drink down the pub after a show or rehearsals.

The singing was great as well - they did a Grease Medley which brought back so many memories for me and made me want to get up and dance!!


Get up and dance!!

I am a woman who not only has 2 left feet, but a whole left body to go with them!! I usually am dragged on to the dance floor kicking and screaming under threat of death, torture or bribery. I usually pay up and so and sit down, so no one gets the chance to laugh at me!!!

And i wanted to sing as well.

Oh - my singing is 10 times worse than my dancing!!

But just for a while last night, i could sing and dance, even if it was only in my head and because those people made me feel like i could.

Now the politics bit.
Strathclyde University are cutting courses and moving move to research and other "viable" (science) courses. Music has not been replaced yet - tho there are some still fighting to make sure it will be. Other community ed courses and stuff like geography and sociology are to be axed to save money. Thankfully, the Music Society have been given 3 more years of funding, but it is small reward.

Last night, they could have had posters all over the place shouting down the cuts. There was only one - it said "save music". It spoke volumes.
And only one remark. The conductor said that he well remembered the campaign that the Musicians Union had in the 80's. It was " Keep Music LIVE" . He didn't really need to say much more - we all knew that if a great course like this goes, folk who want to take playing music to a high level will miss out. AND - the people like me and everyone else will miss out on a feelgood factor.

Yes - the science and research may well come up with a miracle tablet or cure for some ailment or illness. BUT - many studies have shown that music is also a good medicine. It reminds people of good times, helps some people with dementia remember the past and their youth, and helps them to communicate to the nurses and carers.
So what's better - the science where things get invented or the music which can also help??
Well, i'd say both - and neither can do it alone.

THe line"touch your world with my fingertips".................... It comes from a song by Queen - "Who Wants to Live Forever?"

The Vocal Ensemble sang it last night. And the music did touch worlds. For me it brought back memories of being 15 and going to see the film Grease, loving it, getting to my mid 30's and hating the film cos it was on TV when i was really ill to then going to Disney on holiday and loving Grease Lightening again, because the staff at Annette's Diner did a great rendition!!
ANd Evita - memories of being 19 and my 1st holiday without my parents, with friends in London and going to see Evita - the first musical i think i ever saw live!!

And Memories from Cats - Paul did that fro Standard Grade music. Mind you, i did want to high tail it to London and cut the throat of ALW for writing the music - i heard it SOOOOOOO often, it drove me bonkers. But the Lord need not worry - it got Paul a 1 in his exam, so ALW is forgiven. (and if he ever reads this - don't let it happen again!!!)

It was disappointing that no one high up in the University thought to actually come to the concert last night. Maybe they were scared that people would set about them. If that is the case, i think they are cowards. And the missed a good night of entertainment.

Maybe they just don't value music. Is it because they can't put it into a formula and come out with a nice straightforward result. Possibly. I just wish they had been there - the folk playing were great - the more experienced encouraging those who are still learning like Paul. Enjoying passing on the passion, making sure that passion is passed on again to others. Enjoying the night, making sure we the audience were enjoying it too.

Can you tell it was a good night????