Monday, 28 March 2016

A night at the movies

..................... No - more like a night on the tiles!!!

The time had come - it was Louise's Hen Night last Friday.

I had prepared well - bought Minnie Ears to wear (as well as 2 other pairs - worn by my friend May and Emma - Paul's girl friend) 
AND - the white Minnie ears, complete with veil.
To top it all off, Ariel's bouquet !!! 
So now she says she may cancel her official bouquet and use that one!!!

(not bad for a 3 euro sale item in one of the shops in the Disney Village!!!)

Plans for the evening ..........

Some of us were meeting on the train, picking up the stragglers, oops, sorry, the Bride at the next station. Meanwhile, Emma and i put on the minnie ears, explaining to 2 little girls what we were doing that night and brought out the special ones. 

Of COURSE we made her wear them on the train!!!

The station in town is getting a lot of work done to it, so once we got to the top of the stairs, a nice lady gave us a creme egg each!!!

Well, after she laughed at the cluster of Minnies that passed her!!!!

So off to meet some others at the pub before getting on to the bonkers Bus .

Mind you, the pub was so busy, but we were a mere matter of a few feet away from a stag party. Needless to say, the stag's pals wanted photos with the hen!!!

I will say nothing of Emma keeling over backwards (and that was before any drink was consumed ) or about the Woo Woo Louise had in a drinks bottle.
Actually, least said about either the better!!!

So, off on the Bonkers Bus,
Loads of music.
Poles to Dance round!!
With the lack of tables to dance on/fall off, i did partake of a shimmy round a pole. 
No photos were taken - i think my beloved daughter was just a bit shocked at her auld, decrepit mother doing it!!!!

My friend May on the other hand, fell about laughing, as only and old friend can!!! 

Eventually, we arrived at the Normandy Hotel for out Night at the Movies tribute night.
Charlene met us there. She had already sneeked into the place we were having dinner to put goodie bags at our places and cupcakes with little rude things on the,

(this is a family show - i'll leave it to your imagination!!)

(Oh, and a lovely cake, the shape of which i will also leave to your imagination. But heck, 20 women on a Hen Do!!!!!)

It was a giggle looking in the bags and chatting. Catching up with some folk i knew while enjoying dinner.

The DJ and tribute band were ok - heard worse and we all got up to dance - after a fashion. Ann Marie is good at just telling you to get up!!!

But best part of the night - or at least one of them, was when the Bridesmaids were going to the  Loo.

Ann Marie followed them, tape measure in hand to get all the details to start their dresses!!!!

Well - she had them all there - captive audience, so she may as well get it done!!!

We had planned to stay till 2 am, but by midnight, May and i knew we wouldn't (and we'd listened to the DJ's rave music - trancey stuff that nearly did send us into a trance!!) May phone her taxi driver friend and asked if he could be ther at one.

Even Louise decided it was time to go!!

May made sure Emma and i got home OK.

Claire ,Lou's friend on the other hand had a more difficult job getting Lou home!!!
 He, he , he - Louise HAD picked up keys.

Just NOT the keys she needed to get into the house!!!!

Not wanting to waken the baby up by phoning, she went back to Andrew's mum's house to stay the night!!! 

Mmmmmm - i think that one might find it's way into a speech on the big day!!!

Mind you,it took my knees till Sunday evening to recover and the rest of my body till today. 

It was that shimmy round the pole what did it!!

It couldn't possibly be the Southern comfort !!!!