Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My Life is like herding cats..................

........................Almost impossible to do, but funny to watch.

As long as you're on the outside looking in and not in the middle of it all!!!!

We have the ongoing saga of Peter's toenail. Pre op before Christmas and told we should be done and dusted by mid feb.
So, when i got a letter about the psychiatrist coming to visit again and the time not being suitable, i knew i had to chase up the date again. I didn't want to change that appointment, only for the op appointment to come in and be the same day, or the day after.
So i sat down, phone in hand and wondering if i would have time to book a few days respite before said op.

Eventually, i got the consultant's secretary who said Peter was in the next batch of letters to go out, but she thought there was a cancellation for the 8th of feb - would we be interested???

Yes, yes and duh - yes!!
Only thing is, it's not our nearest hospital, but not that much further to go.

So that sorted, i got the psych visit sorted as well - that's now on the 1st.

I'm telling you -  herding cats to try and sort out things.

I began to think about a few days away in London for me and Peter - go to a show, see a few things.
I did look on line, left it, went to the travel agents - got a price and then said i'd need to check what the balance of the budget we have is. 
But when i got home and mentally went thru the figures, i knew it was pushing it - a lot!

So i went back on line last week - managed to find a cracking deal at a hotel, central enough, checked ticket prices - i knew we had the money, but still. 
Something stopped me from hitting that button.

I don't know what, but i just couldn't do it.

The following evening, my brother phoned.

Now - he rarely phones and we keep it short, sweet and civil.

(it's a better relationship than i have with my sister - i cannot remember the last time we spoke. Oh, yes, i do - and it took me a LONG time to get over that. Thankfully i have some good friends and a couple of good cousins who got  me thru it all)

Anyway - bruv had phoned to let me know that our Uncle Peter had died. 
He is (not saying was, because he's a part of our lives) a lovely man. Married to my Dad's big sister for nearly 60 years. Writer of books on Cicero (found that one out on Amazon), translator of ancient texts, Professor of Classics.

But to me, he was and is just Uncle Peter - plain and simple.
When i tried to explain to my friend, WHY i liked this man - it was really hard.
I always just liked being in his presence - even when i was young. Something about being with him. I remember when i was about 9 or so, walking into his study and loving the room. He didn't chase me out, or tell me off - just a "oh, hello - it's you. Terrific!"

My cousins - all 5 of them - are now spread far and near (from Glasgow, to London and south coast of England, to Spain then Australia  Any further away and you're coming home the back way!!!). I can't always say we've always got on all the time, but i have tried to kind of keep in touch on some level. 

And now, as an adult, i can see a lot of what i loved about my Uncle coming out in them in some ways.

Sitting with them today, it was hard to believe that i and 2 of my cousins are parents to children who are 25 this year!!! 

And none of us look a day over 22!!

And the younger children - 2 of them have the same long red hair that Louise has.

It was funny at one point - we were talking to Stephen - Well - Lou was and i went to say something and he said "you butt out - i'm not talking to you!!"

My retort was that i would kick his ankles and run (he's about a gazzillion feet taller than me!!) and he replied " that's so like the kinda thing your dad would have said!!"

Which led to him telling a story about my dad to Lou, to add to the story i'd told his daughter Olivia last night about Stephen giving me loads of street cred when i passed him in the street one day at school. I went to the girls convent he was at the boys fee paying school. He was nearly 16 and i was 12 - he waved and all my friends asked who the good looking boy was!!

Funnily enough, to my pleasure, the nuns never did get wind of this boy waving to me or me waving back - i would have been toast!!!

I will miss my Uncle, but as i get to know my cousins better as an adult, i think i may still know him well!!!

So i'm going to try to keep in touch a bit more - there are stories to be heard!
And photos to see!!!

The Funeral was today. We went to the church, then on to the cemetery. I had no (or little clue) where we were going, so armed with Lou's sat nav and following Stephen's car (with Tony looking out the back to make sure we were still there!!)  Lou and i started singing "i'm sticking to you - cos i'm made outta glue!!!" I know - random, but it seemed funny!!!!
We arrived at the cemetery and followed the line of cars in. Lou's comment was "where are they going to drop him mum?!?!?!"

Just as well some people were NOT in the car with us - that comment wouldn't have gone down well. But she's not my father's granddaughter for nothing!!!

We got out of the car and Stephen said something like "oh, you caught up with us". She said yes - had the sat nav on.

His retort was "well, why didn't you shout the directions to me?!?!?!?"

Can you tell i share my weird and wacky sense of humour not only with my children, but others?!?!

So tonight, raise a glass to my Uncle Peter - he's still out there - somewhere, probably with my dad and hopefully they are both thinking we're not too bad a bunch!!!