Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday afternoons

Over the years, my satyrdays have been filled with various things.
Going food shopping (better to get it delivered- less stress!!)
Spending time at my mum and dad's when they werea alive.

Music school was saturday mornings fir severalyears. Good fun and i did get to know other parents. Highly recommend it as a free version of therapy - all life started, ended and was discussed!!!!

But the past few years, saturday afternoons have been spent taking Peter to art class at Projectability. 
Over the years, his work has been varied and good.
Loves doing Disney pics - mainly from or photos from visits to  disney.
Or pics of the cats!!!!!

And he has added thursday afternoons to his busy life - more art.

He has done some clay models, more painting, one a self portrait and has had some work exhibited and even a painting sold!!!

Ther are about ten people who go to the class on a saturday - most of them have learning disabilities.

Mostly it is quiet, they are working hard, then you get a flurry of noise, or a laugh and you know everyone is enjoying it.

And i just sit in the room with my kindle and enjoy.

Mind you, there are times i almost have to drag Peter away!!!
But i willonly get wprried if he brings his sleeping bags and food and says he is going to stay!!!!