Wednesday, 31 August 2016

It's that Ohana thing.........

As you all know, we love Disney and Peter enjoys the films.
Ok, I enjoy the films as well!!!
One of our favourites is Lilo &Stitch.
We've talked before about Ohana and it being about family and no one getting left behind , or forgotten.

Recently, we've had two different lots of Ohana, showing both times that Ohana doesn't always need to be blood family and this family you have around you can help support you, keep your spirits up, help you and well, basically be there for you in good AND bad times.

Our first lot of Ohana was at Paul's Graduation.
There were various degrees being conferred that day, but the class we really wanted to cheer was the BMus (Hons) class.
Paul joined the class in 2 nd year and quickly got involved in class activities. Rehearsing on his own and with others to produce music, singing and just enjoying the experience.
It was hard at times. Early morning travelling to Edinburgh, evenings spent travelling back to Glasgow, either sleeping or doing some reading. During the winter months, he barely saw daylight!!

But the class supported each other, helped out at earth others recitals, encouraging each other and making themselves into a family.
It was a brilliant day.

Or 2 nd lot of Ohana was a couple of weeks ago.
We had arranged to meet up with a family we know from Unique. We have been chatting/messaging each other on FB and we decided to meet up in Edinburgh when Jenny, Steve , Emma and Jenny's parents were up for the Festival.
So we were up early. Nay, almost the middle of the night so we could get to Edinburgh on time. As usual, our journey was interesting!!
 An older woman got on the bus about half way to Edinburgh. She was having a wee bit of trouble sorting her things, so I asked if she wanted a bit of help. Oh, she says, could you, that would be good.
So she got settled and on we went.

This lady wanted to get off in Princes Street, so again, I asked if she wanted a bit of help.
We got her sorted and went o to find the bus stop she needed to get the next bus. As we looked, the bus went running by!!
She was so apologetic, she didn't want us to be late for our friends, but we got her to the right bus stop before we went on our way.

We met Jenny and her family where we'd arranged and headed off to get food.

It was great meeting them in real life and chatting and munching and swapping stories and photos of our cats!!!

Again, Ohana. Family, caring, supporting, having a giggle. It was a brilliant morning