Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Who decided it was December already........

......... I mean, have I been sleeping or something?
Can someone please tell me what happened to this year please. It seems to have gone in a blur of baby and wedding stuff.

Or have I just been hibernating?????

So much for saying I'd blog more........

Pie crust promise - easy made, easy broken.

So.......... what we've been doing.....
Getting lots of cuddles from Christopher.
Which is fine and dandy till grandad appears and I don't get a look in.
Hmph. Methinks it may be the smallest dirtiest wheeling that boy ends up in!!!

And......... drum roll please, I have bought my outfit for the wedding.
A maxi dress, wrap and fascinator.
NOT what I had planned but I love it!!

You'll just have to wait for pics!!!!!

So, now that it's December, I suppose I should be thinking of Christmas. I have done the shopping for presents, am doing a mass wrap of said presents this week.

The first big christmassy thing will be the putting up of the Christmas tree.
Not quite yet, but most likely the weekend of the 12th/13th.
Gives Paul a break from the crazy exam/performance merry go round that he's going through just now.

It will be an afternoon of mayhem, having Muppet Christmas Carol on and dragging out all the decorations we have bought over the years.
The Disney ones of course!!!
And the one from Yosemite - raccoons on the fir tree.
And recalling the weird Russian couple who were on the bus to Yosemite with us!!!!
We may even have a blast of the Fairy Tale of New York as well.

Christmas Day is at Louise and Andrew's, which means half a ton of Christmas paper for baby to play with!!!

I am going to enjoy it!!!!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

..........and A partridge in a pear tree!!!

............... I know - you're all wondering why i'm on to the Christmas songs in august!!
No - not been at the Christmas bottle of sherry - yet. (but i may well hit it soon!!)

It was Matthew's Dad's 80th Birthday last week and we had a party at one of the sister's houses.
Matthew's dad has 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren (hence the adding  of said bird and said tree - i doubt anyone would have noticed)

So the age range was from 80 down to 8 weeks and 4 days old!!!!
The 8 week and 4 day old is the reason that i haven't blogged for ages - He is the newest addition to the family and my grandson!!!
In short, if he was chocolate you'd eat him

A pic of Christopher with Grandad at about 7 hours old.
Told you he was cute.

But anyway - Friday night was his big debut meeting family members on his paternal side. (the maternal or distaff sides party is in a few weeks when the Australians arrive!!!)

So off we went - convoy of 2 cars, 6 grown ups and a baby.

This child had a ball - we hardly saw him - apart from when he needed feeding and it was nice (mostly!!) to meet up with every one.

Come on - we've all got that one relative we don't want to see. But we behaved!!

For me, it's always rather bittersweet when we get together with Matthew's family. One of the cousins is 3 months older that Peter and has a degree in English Lit and Slavonic Studies. (yeah, right, cos that's the kinda degree that you're REALLY gonna get a job working as in Glasgow. Just crying out for teachers of slavonic wotsits!!!)

He's also now doing a PhD - something eastern European. I don't ask questions that i'm not really bothered about the reply to!!!

(i'm such and interested in how you're all doing Auntie - NOT!!! I will ask a couple of them, but mostly - nah!!! )

But it often brings home to me that Peter's development is well and truly delayed, he's not going to catch up and well, this is almost as good as it gets.

All this was on top of an incident that happened at the lunch club Peter does some work at. The incident (not going into details just now) just showed how vulnerable Peter is and how he can't always tell you what has happened. 
I kind of did know, but things have been ticking over well, but it was a kick up the bahookie even for the workers at the lunch club as well and has made us all think about how we approach things.

In times gone by, i would have cried and not really wanted to be there. 
But Peter chatted to most of Matthew's sisters, almost got me to slap the  one who is most patronizing and two of his cousins want to come to Disney with us in January!!!

Poor Claire - when we were talking about holidays, she was like " oh, i've never been on a holiday like your ones!"

(just shows that i maybe did something right. BUT - if i ever win big on the lottery, i may ask her mum if she and Anna want to come to Disney in Paris with us. These 2 cousins i love and they chat away to Peter!!)

Over the years, i have managed to be better about dealing with these family get togethers .
I try not to get upset and my thickened skin and black sense of humour usually get me through.

(oh, and the fact that we don't often meet up and i can escape back to our little world. That helps!!!)

But it was nice to see how good Christopher and Peter were in their  own ways.

Mind you, mother has one glass of prosecco and was knackered after.

Just not used to friday nights out anymore.!!!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The madness that is my life

...................... and how I survive it!!!

Don't blame me for the title of the blog - I was totally stumped. Knew what I wanted to blog about, but just not what to call it!!!!

Most of you know i'm mad.
I will gladly proclaim my madness in all it's various forms, but for those of you who have read my bogging efforts before, you know there is a reason to my madness.

Mainly my madness (in a mostly nice way, but not always!!) is due to Peter.

So, this week, being Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week, I thought i'd tell you a little bit more about Peter, his chromosomes and the people who share this part of our lives.

We knew from Day 2 that Peter has problems. Well, I say we, I did after spending the evening before crying and  listening to fireworks going off in George Square to celebrate the start of the Year of Culture.

Next day I did say to the midwifes and Matthew, but got the " he's a boy" and "he was a couple of weeks early" "don't worry".

(11 years later, I did go over his notes and found that one of the doctors had concerns, but didn't pass them on. Hell, she didn't even bother to sign the notes, so why on earth would she say anything?!?!?!)

So for the next 6 moths I worried, wondered and tried to get on with life.
We had a follow up appointment at the clinic in June for a couple of minor things, where it was decided to take bloods.
Nobody really explained WHY, just that the bloods should get done.

Fairly quickly we got a  letter asking us to go back to the clinic. I had explained to the doctor that we hadn't been given an appointment to go back to the clinic till October. She looked rather puzzled and worried (which made me worry even more)

Anyway, to the clinic we went.

Most of that day after was a blur. We had been told that Peter had  Prader Willi Syndrome (a few weeks later we found out that was wrong).
We were referred to the Genetics clinic at the children's hospital ando told to just "wait for that".

Loads of things happened in those few weeks.
I found that my GP had been frantically asking the Trainees in the Practice what the knew about PWS.
I found that the Registrar had been using my son for a teaching practice - after the Librarian at the hospital let it slip to a friend (who is a nurse) who went to find out info for us.
We found out that Peter didn't have PWS, but certainly DID have something genetic going on.

And I found a very lovely woman called Edna Knight.
As I type I still remember the tears (because as I type I can barely see the keyboard for them and I'm, trying not to let Peter see me cry as he happily sings along to a don on the laptop)

Edna and some other families got together a few years before and the group they formed went on to become Unique - a support group for families affected by rare chromosome disorders.

I don't remember a lot about that phone conversation - 25 years on, all I do remember Edna telling me was that it wasn't my fault. Whatever was wrong with Peter had happened before I most likely knew I was pregnant. She asked me to write  a little bit about us and Peter and send it for the news letter.

If you really want in depth about life over the next 25 years, look through my other posts, but along the way, we have found loads out about Rare Chromosome Disorders.
Most of them just have a string of letters and numbers.
That's the whole point - so rare, there are not enough people to give them a name!!!

There are lots of differences even between the people who seem to have similar genetic make up. Seizures, delayed development, deafness, autistic traits, eyesight issues...........................
But some people are less affected than others - Peter has global delayed development, am autistic spectrum disorder, his language was delayed, he had hypotonia, dysmorphic features, but on the whole is fairly healthy, and thankfully no great dramas health wise. Apart from having weird reactions to pain - you think something is going to really hurt and hardly flinches (or at most gives a grimace) In fact, you KNOW it's sore, but he doesn't react.

Then someone brushes by him and he's almost shouting at them to STOP IT!!!

I know weird!!!

(but heck , with a mother like me............................. Well, least said about that the better!!!)

We have spent time at Family weekends with Unique families and often, it's not so much the actual disorders you end up talking about - it's the "how did you deal with the first day of school" or "how did you deal with.................?????"

And you laugh because there is the blackest senses of humour out!!!

The comments like "oh, they've fallen - ach, they're still breathing, they're ok!!"

Or like the time Lou and Paul met up with twins - younger than them. Next thing I knew, the dad was over asking me "the girl with the long red hair and her brother - are they yours?" My reaction was "whatever they've done, i'm sorry - i'll go and sort it out"

The dad laughed and said "no - I just wanted to say they are wonderful. My daughter took your daughters hand and they went for a walk. My son got a bit worried, so your son came over and asked if they should go and annoy the girls and chase after them. It was nice to watch and funny at the same time."

That was another "lets get the tears going and cry moment".

That's the whole point of Unique. We start talking about chromosomes and then find we're talking about things that we never thought about.

It's the sharing and support.
The first conference I went to with my friend Fiona - my mum died on the Saturday morning. I was so glad that she was with me, because I would never have managed to get myself home.
But the Unique machine rolled into action, took Fiona with them to reception to make the needed phone calls and someone was with me making sure I was ok. 

Click on the line - it'll take you to our website where you can learn more about Chromososmes.

Me - i'm going off to tweet, retweet and facebook  about the awareness week.

So retweet and share for me.

Thankyou for reading.
And you're all welcome to come and join my mad crazy life!!!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday afternoons

Over the years, my satyrdays have been filled with various things.
Going food shopping (better to get it delivered- less stress!!)
Spending time at my mum and dad's when they werea alive.

Music school was saturday mornings fir severalyears. Good fun and i did get to know other parents. Highly recommend it as a free version of therapy - all life started, ended and was discussed!!!!

But the past few years, saturday afternoons have been spent taking Peter to art class at Projectability. 
Over the years, his work has been varied and good.
Loves doing Disney pics - mainly from or photos from visits to  disney.
Or pics of the cats!!!!!

And he has added thursday afternoons to his busy life - more art.

He has done some clay models, more painting, one a self portrait and has had some work exhibited and even a painting sold!!!

Ther are about ten people who go to the class on a saturday - most of them have learning disabilities.

Mostly it is quiet, they are working hard, then you get a flurry of noise, or a laugh and you know everyone is enjoying it.

And i just sit in the room with my kindle and enjoy.

Mind you, there are times i almost have to drag Peter away!!!
But i willonly get wprried if he brings his sleeping bags and food and says he is going to stay!!!!