Monday, 19 December 2016

Who stole half this year???

......... And can they give it back to me please. I feel as if most of this year has gone by in a blur.

It's been not too bad, weddings, graduations, engagement parties and a few weekends away.

Oh and trainee ninja duties!! Christopher comes along to annoy the cats, trash the living room, get a taste of rosti and then whirls back out, leaving gran clutching the gin bottle!!!!

In between all the goings on, we met our new Geneticist, who explained more about Peter's last lot of results and just why they don't seem to be the cause of his problems. It's now when, not if a new blood test is available to help us get to the bottom of it all.

Peter has enjoyed not only his respite, but the weekends that we've been away.
Disney was brilliant, as usual.
Lion King - we want to go back.
And Harry Potter, just brilliant .

Just need to keep convincing the powers that be the money is well spent and gives us both a break.

Mind you, I may be banned from going away. David Bowie died when we were in Disney and Fidel Castro popped his clogs when we were in London.
Mmmm. It wasn't me, honest!!

The tree is up, the presents are wrapped and the freezer is full of food, so we're sorted.

Have a good Christmas and a peaceful new year.