Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring has sprung.................

..................Well - almost.

And it seems to be a time of change and new beginnings - or at least the hope of them!!

The first thing to happen was that Louise was offered a flat by the local housing association. She has wanted to strike out on her own since she got a taste of freedom when she was house sitting for my friend.
She put her name down on one house list, but to be honest, we felt they were worse than useless - they told her that her chances of getting a place were zero to negative numbers. They only seemed to be interested if you were on benefits or had some addiction problems.

[this is where I do my disclaimer!! I know not everybody who lives in one of these houses has addiction issues or on benefits. And I also know that as a society we have a duty to care for those less well off/able than us - but puleeezzzze - don't knock down a youngster who is working hard and trying to set out]

About a year ago, Lou put her name on another HA list. Not really expecting to get anything and thought nothing more.
Till she got a message on her phone asking her to get in touch with them.

Would she be interested in viewing a 2nd floor flat??
One bedroom.
Would she?? Like - when can we go?!?!?!

So we did a viewing and it looked great. The HA have just put in a new kitchen and bathroom, put some new doors in and replastered the hall.

As we looked round, Lou could begin to see how the flat would look with furniture in it. (even over the pile of wood in the bedroom, which, we were assured , would be moved before she got the keys!!!!)

By the end of the day, she had decided to take it.
The shower still had to be put in and the place tidied, so she didn't get the keys till last Friday. (was on night shift and had to get up and go and sign forms!!!)

She ahs spent the past couple of weeks looking for cookers/fridges and washing machines. And carpets and lino. And sorting through stuff she already had.

Oh, coupled with several visits to ikea - to get inspiration and make lists and lists of lists!!

I said that we'd buy her a lot of the things you need to move in, but don't realise till you open a drawer or a cupboard to get it - tin openers, trays for the oven, utensils and the all important corkscrew!!!
between all that and 2 bags of essentials, I hate to think what we've spent!!

Just imagine you lost all your kitchen stuff and had to replace it - not just the things you think of, but stuff like washing up liquid, bleach, laundry stuff................

So she got the keys on Friday. I was tempted to sing that song about going back to your roots, because the flat isn't that far from when we brought her home to after she was born.

It wasn't until yesterday afternoon, when I looked out the bedroom window and realised that I could SEE the building we used to live in.
So she IS going back to those roots.

I will take a week or 2 between shifts and getting things ordered and moving stuff before she really gets in. The HA have given her some vouchers for B&Q to help buy paint and things - which we didn't expect. But it will be well used and a BYOB party may well be organised. That's a  bring your own BRUSH party!!!!

But tonight she's gone off to see Meatloaf with Andrew. She says she is coming home - she has too much to do in the morning.

Mmmmm - since when did she get so grown up?!?!?!?!?!?!

The other thing that has happened is that Paul had an audition/interview for Napier University in Edinburgh.

 For over a week, my hall looked like an outpost of Ikea with Mozart and Brahms as the piped musak!!!  

Paul headed off and did his stuff.

Came home, said it went ok and since they were auditioning others, it would be a couple of weeks before he would hear.

24 hours later, an e - mail - he had been given an offer of a place in 2nd year of the degree, conditional on passing his HND!!!!!

So, it's been another rollercoaster couple of weeks here.
And prob for the next few as well!!!

We need to work on Peter about Lou moving - he just can't "get it" yet!

Linda did arrive here for Dinner last weekend and we had a good time catching up. I think it was most likely the only calm time i'm going to get for a while!!!