Sunday, 17 March 2013

New Fangled Technology...............

....................and middle aged auld brains do NOT go together!!!!

We have - after more than a year, bought our new desktop PC.
Decided to bite the bullet and just go for it - we had some money, so why not.

Mind you - 5 days after ordering said PC, the washing machine went kafutt, so we had to get a new one - quick smart, or the washing would be walking out the door. So the past 10 days or so has been a tad expensive for us.

(look on the bright side Julie - at least you had the money to buy both!!) 

Hey - who said that??
And who changed my font????

Our shiny new pc has windows 8 installed.

Would be fun, but since I've had to change my password FOUR times and it still won't let me into my Microsoft account, I am getting a tad annoyed.

My brain has turned to mushy gunk and Matthew and I are heading to the local divorce courts tout suite!!

I'm feeling rather OLD and tired tonight.
Don't know wh
Yes, I DO know why - Peter is needing to go to respite.
And I need the rest. Not to go off gallivanting, but just not to have to rush of a morning or try to make sure i'm home on time.
And just have time to come to in the morning without someone playing with the cats (who wriggle and meow like crazy and me constantly telling him to SHUT UP when he chatters away.

My eyes are heavy just now. I know I Have get up in the morning to take him to college.
Then to town to go to the bank and buy some new jammies for him.
Then home to sort out his packing.
And maybe collapse in a weary heap.

I know, I know - i'm lucky in that Peter isn't a heavy load physically and his health is fairly good, but it's the constant chatter and stuff that grinds you down. And the fact that people look at him and think "nothing wrong - he looks ok".
It's only the middle of March and it feels like it should be at least April - we seem to have done so much for Peter since Christmas - the Psych visits, the toe nail getting done, the dressings that still need done

My Jar of nice things hasn't had anything added to it for a while. Not that anything bad has happened - just nothing nice that I want to add.

BUTTTTTT - drumroll and ta da - Linda is coming down to Glasgow in 2 weeks - actually - less than that now!! She's landing on us for dinner (cheating - going to buy meatballs and pasta from Costco!!! Can't waste good drinking  c....................

Chatting time - we can't waste good chatting time.

So we are counting the sleeps - 3 till respite............................................