Monday, 23 September 2013

my crazy life: Strange things are happening..............

my crazy life: Strange things are happening..............: ................Admit it - you're singing along thinking of Toy Story - aren't you?!?! No - well WHY NOT?!?!?!?!? But some stra...

Strange things are happening..............

................Admit it - you're singing along thinking of Toy Story - aren't you?!?!

No - well WHY NOT?!?!?!?!?

But some strange things are happening all around me just now!

First one - and here comes the drum roll.......................... Louise and Andrew have got engaged!!! Knew it was gonna happen - especially after that night at the hospital. It was just a case of WHEN.
The proposal wasn't quite what had been planned, but it will keep the grandchildren amused in years to come!!
No - i'm not going to tell you the story, but given that she has heard a million times that her dad proposed to me in Pizzaland, after we'd had a disagreement about something, I knew it would be a good one!!!

Her ring is lovely - white silver with a ruby and 2 diamonds.
They've set a date in 2016 and are now happily arranging things!!

Which means I get to go to wedding fayres and nab bits of cake and some sweeties and generally act like a big kid!!!

Yes - nothing like getting your own back!!!!
Andrew and Lou generally walk away shaking their heads and Janice (A's Mum) is just standing laughing!!

There is a part being arranged and I might get invited - If I promise to BEHAVE!!

The other strange thing is that I am now 50.

Yes - i'm OLD - well - kind of!!

It was my birthday last weekend and I had a great time. Staring off with said wedding cake (at least 3 samples!!), then off to Lou's on the Saturday night for a get together with some friends and then on the Sunday, my birthday, Pizza from Pizza Express.

I got some lovely pressies - a charm bracelet and charm from 3 friends I have known for 30 years. And a lovely Willow Tree ornament from another friend .

Matthew bought me a new camera and Lou and the boys bought me a new watch - a Radley one to match up with the new bag i'd treated myself to and kept till my birthday to open. They also got me the memory card for the camera and Andrew put in a little dinosaur bank - i'll take that as a hint to start saving!!!

But with this age comes the bums and boobs checks!!! You get sent a little bowel screening set to check for cancer.
And then you have the mammogram for the boobs.

Hey - like a lot of other things in my life, I never signed up for this!!!

I don't feel 50. Well - maybe I did this morning when I fell out of bed, but I will have the joys of my new Kindle!!

I decided to treat myself to a few things myself - the bag, a new MP3 player and the kindle.

So i'm now off to browse the kindle book store on Amazon and see what I can buy!!