Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Haven comes to Glasgow.............

..................Yes, Linda was in Glasgow and we met up for lunch!!

It's funny - any time i'm with Linda now seems to be spent on "Skye Time!". A slower pace and a bit of quiet for us both. 
I dropped Peter off at college and headed into town. For some reason (maybe because i  - in my head - had switched myself to the slower pace) - the buses and the cars and general hubub seemed to be so much noiser than usual. 

I wanted my peaceful place!!!!!!!

So we met just before 12 and headed to the Enable Office. I needed to check up on something and Linda was keen to meet some of the folk we talk about. So intros done, a bit of chat and we went off for lunch. They knew JUST where we were going.


Linda has heard me talk about the place and i always get her box of choccies from there when we go to visit. They have a deli as well as the choc shop and a cafe. Food is gorgeous and the menu is good.

We opted for a bowl of soup each (sweet Potato and Chilli - not too hot, but enough of a kick). 
And we had a cheese and fruit platter to share. Well - it was a bit different from a sandwich and it was yummy. Normally it's served with oatcakes, but we asked if we could have bread instead - no problem. 
It was sooo tasty and the chutney was delish!!! 

No - i didn't take photos - we were too busy scoffing it all to think of feasting YOUR eyes on our lunch!!! But i MIGHT do it next time!!!!
We also had some apple, pear and grapes on the plate as well.
And we sat and caught up and generally enjoyed!!

Next thing we knew, Peter and Lauren had arrived at out table. They had been at art class and decided to pay Kimbles a visit for tea. Best bit was that the grown ups paid!!! It was nice for Linda to meet Lauren as well and she caught up with Peter.

But our time went far too fast - we could have spent another 2 hours there and it wouldn't have been long enough. 
It was nice in the middle of all the bustle to have a bit of calm!!!

Mind you - at one point we heard a noise - it sounded a bit like gunshots (but was prob just something falling!!) Linda said "that sounded ominous". My reply was that i didn't really care what the noise was - i was enjoying my lunch too much!!!!

So that is us.
 Peter's toe continues to improve. We were at the clinic on tuesday and they said we could just continue to dress is on our own till the wound heals up. Plenty of dressings and the clinic phone number if needed, but to be honest, we're most likely just as quick heading to our GP.

I will leave you with the thoughts of our bread, cheese and chutney!!!!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Up before the crack of dawn...........

.................... What am i saying! It was WAY before the crack of Dawn.In fact, Dawn still had the sense to be in her bed snoozing peacefully and was showing no signs of even thinking about wakening up!!!

S Day had arrived.
At last - going to get Peter's big toe nail seen for for all time - hopefully!!!!
We had yet another post op assessment and met the surgeon 2 days before the surgery. 
She seemed to be ok, but Lou and i began to get a bit worried that she may not quite get why the procedure should be done under a general rather than just letting our GP do it. Had that deja vous feeling for a few moments, till she asked "So, what diagnosis does Peter actually have???"

We explained and she sent one of the staff off to get a form for her to fill in. She explained that this form just meant that she could talk to us about what was going on. (should have told her earlier that the guardianship already does that!!!!!)

So Friday morning - up early and got ready.
One son to be dropped off at Strathclyde University for a boozy musical weekend and we headed off to the hospital.
Now, we were early, which was great - it meant we got a parking space near the door and thankfully we didn't need to pay!! 

Off to the Day Surgery Unit. Now - i have to admit, i was a little worried. This is the first time that Peter has had anything surgical done in adult services. We had been assured at the first pre op that there wouldn't be a problem about us being there with him, but i did wonder how much would actually be passed on.

The Nurse came to get us and said that only one of us could go through, so off i went and lou went for a cuppa. The girl did say that they didn't seem to have any notes for Peter. I fell off the seat laughing - this was a regular occurance at Sick Kids - the mystery of the case notes!!!

So they had to take details again. we got the portable dvd player set up and watched Cinderella - much to the amusement of the staff!!!! They checked it was ok for Peter to wear his jammies rather than the regulation gown - it was.

So a stream of doctors - check that Peter knew why he was there, draw an arrow on his foot to the toe that needed done and the anesthetist to make sure Peter was ok. Man, what it is to be popular on a friday morning!!!

9.15, the nurse support said Peter would be going round to theatre soon and she gave me a stylish sack like gown to wear. After checking there were no sneaky cameras to take photos of me in such a thing, i put it on. Off we went, with Peter, Jack and Gus Gus (the mice from Cinderella) and the Cheshire cat!!!  

Cannula in and anaesthetic given  - i went to get Lou. The nurses said to come back in about half an hour. So we went for another cuppa and waited. 

Why does time ALWAYS go so slowly ??? I felt i'd been away weeks and it was only 10 minutes!

SO we went back - Peter not out of theatre. Which got me freaked because they said it would be half an hour tops!!! Lou came back to the waiting area and we  - well, waited!!
A while later, they got us in - Peter still tubed and sedated, but we could wait. 

And wait!!

Eventually, they asked me to go through to recovery. Peter was out of it - zonked!! Usually he's out of the anaesthetic fairly quickly, but this time he wasn't. Till they told me they'd given him a dose of medazolam to help relax him!! No wonder he was zonked!!!!!

When we got back to the bed bay and put on Cinderella again - that made Peter open his eyes fairly quick.  He had something to eat and drink and then put on Toy Story - yup - he was on the mend!!!! 

We got out mid afternoon, armed with painkillers and an appointment to get the dressings changed. Peter asked for some ice cream in that kinda voice that said "i've been in the wars mum - i need goodies!!!"

Quick dash to the shops while Louise got ready to go off to work (matthew had already left for his night shift).

So after Lou went out - we were on our own. To be honest, we w ere bothe shattered, so I sent Peter off to bed then headed myself.

So our weekend passed in a haze of painkillers for Peter and ironing for me.
We even attempted a shower this morning - half a roll of cling film over the dressings and a plastic bag!!!!

Calum was in today, so they had a dvd fest - Fawlty towers and goodies to eat.
Toe still a bit sore, but he gets the dressings change in the morning, so i'm hoping that we can get rid of the mad shoe thing he has to wear and get the trainer back on.

But i'm telling you - i will be in bed early tomorrow night and not out of said thing till at least 10 am the next morning!!!!!1