Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Camping, swimming and Harry Potter!!

We picked Peter up from respite yesterday.
 Paul came along for the journey - he hadn't met Carol, Chris and Sara, so was curious and wanted to suss them out!!!!!

By all accounts, the weekend was great. The weather has been good - sunny and warm. No rain, so that was even better.
As usual, Chris and Carol had some good ideas and things to do for Peter. They went to see Harry Potter - Peter loved it. I think it was a late showing, which was even better - coming out of the cinema late at night when others are in bed!
They went to Heads of Ayr farm - a lovely day out - farm animals to see and things to do like trampolines, so all enjoyed that.

They also camped out one night!!! Chris put the tent up outside the house - there is loads of space and they stayed out overnight. Peter said he heard the owl who roosts in one of the trees! They had marshmallows toasted and then sausages for breakfast. I've asked Peter if he wants to sleep out in our garden with his dad in the tent. Emmmmm - NO!!! Like why do that HERE when all i could hear would be a number 62 bus go by!!!!!

They went swimming one evening and yesterday morning went over to Largs to check on some ponies. Peter told Carol where we had bought the chocolate that he'd brought down to share with Sara! 

After dropping Peter off with us, Chris and Carol were dropping off Sara at the ferry - she's going to her gran and grandad's in Dunoon for the weekend. Remember - the grandad with the 2 seater soft top MG sports car?!?!?!?
I told Carol she would make a fortune renting out to my friends for a few days. Log fire, Chris mopping the kitchen floor and his dad giving tours of the locality in his car. Would make a good few pennies to buy hay for Jinty the horse and keep Jemima the saddleback pig as happy as a pig in - well, muck, i suppose!!! 

Carol was asking if we could arrange for Peter to visit over Halloween - Sara wants to go guising and would love Peter to be with her. She said it would be to some of the local farms and they usually know who's coming. So i said i'd try and sort it. Peter does have a visit the last weekend in September.

We're also going to Skye for a few days next month. And Louise has booked tickets on the Caledonian Sleeper for her and Peter!! They are going down to London overnight, spending a day whizzing round the city and travelling back up the next night!! So Peter is looking forward to that!!!
Oh - i should have said that Peter and Chris went to the station one evening to watch the trains. One train that stopped - the driver asked if Peter would like to see in the cab and told Peter about all the buttons and stuff he has to push - so that was nice.

So for now, i just have to get the washing dried and do some ironing before i pack for Skye.
Somehow, i think it will take all reserves of stamina from the locals to cope with up for a few days!!!!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

A weekend of peace!!

Peter is away this weekend - Hurrah!!!
He's gone back to the family in Ayrshire for 5 nights. And boy was he looking forward to it!!
But the lure of the log fire, the dad who mops the kitchen floor and the grandad who has a soft top 2 seater MG sports car seems to be luring more and more of my friends!!! They keep asking how they can put their name down for respite at the place!!!!
It's a lovely place - gorgeous surroundings. We went to Largs one evening this week and came back over the road near to Dalry. Imagine, said Lou, waking up the that view every morning!! A little bit of paradise on earth. 

Odie - you would love it!!!

So Chris met us at the Station on thursday afternoon. Sara, the daughter and two of her friend were in the car. Peter met Beth last time and as Chris turned into the car park, all i could hear was "HHHAAAALLLLLLOOOOO PETER!!!!!",
It was touching that he had made an impact on them in the last visit!.

I think the plans for the evening were to go and see Harry Potter. We had a quick chat, exchanged news - mainly about our kitten and Beth told us she had a kitten as well!!

We have no plans this weekend - taking it easy!!
I tidied the freezer out yesterday - while Lilo was running around the house - quite how Kitty didn't end up in the freezer, i'm not sure!!! And the bathroom got cleaned. I HATE cleaning said room. If i had money, i'd hire someone to do it. but alas, no - so it gets done by me. 

This afternoon my friend May is coming up - we're just going to chat and catch up - it's nice out, so i'm hoping Paul will put up the table and we can sit out for a while. I did get a long lie this morning, so i can't complain.

So i'm going to the shops just now to get some goodies for us to eat this afternoon!!
Enjoy the weekend!!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Peter and Paul's Grand Adventure!!

Look at me - i can FLY!!!
At last - i've got the photos from the boys week away on the laptop and i can post them.
The above photo is where they did the canoeing and sailing - looks lovely!!

and the boys getting ready to canoe
and the sail boat. the power boat is below and everybody got a chance to steer!!!!

biking Kielder style!!
I seem to have got the photos in a strange order. But i hope you like them - Peter is getting ready to so on the King Swing - you get strapped in, cranked up high and then you pull the strap and off you go - swinging your way to oblivion!!!! He loved it.
getting ready to fly!!!
 As you can see - no lumps knocked out of each others bodies or bones broken!!!!

Mind you - the midgies in Northumbria - mighty big, mighty hungry blighters!!!!! Paul came home chewed to bits and 2 weeks later still has some marks on his legs!

They definitely want to go back next year - maybe for 7 nights!!! THis is coming from the boys who was worried about going away for 4 nights.
More to see, more to do and worth every penny that Peter's budget spent on it

Friday, 1 July 2011

Day 5 in the quiet house..................

..................And it's not really quiet any more!!!!

The boys are HOME!!!!!!
The washing machine is going into overload and i am asking the weather gods for decent dry weather tomorrow so that i can put it all out and get it dried!!

Yesterday was a good day for them - they did some archery and some biking. The bikes they used were hand cranked bikes. Instead of you having pedals, you have the equivalent on the handle bars and you "pedal" with your hands!!
Later in they went bowling, which they enjoyed.

While Peter was watching a DVD, Paul sneeked off to pack the bags - he said it was good to get a bit of peace to do that. Welcome to MY world i thought!!

Today i got a call from Paul to say they were at the station, but the train was late. He said they'd phone again from Edinburgh. Louise and i headed into the station to find that the train was running 40 minutes late. So we waited.

The boys got off the train, both in one piece! Paul was a bit harrased - he'd asked for a little help from one of the staff in Newcastle and they rudly said "NO - i have to get this train away". So there was Paul trying to get Peter on the train, sort the bags, get to the seats (to find that someone had blagged them!!!) and settle Peter down. THankfully, the people who were sitting in the seats gave them up - don't think they wanted to argue!!!

So we got home - the cat was mighty pleased to see the boys - nose kisses all round!! Food and unpacking followed. And they've spent the evening chilling and showing us the photos. I will put some of them up when i  get organised!!!

So i'm going to chase the boys to bed soon - i think it has been a week of late nights and early mornings and sleep is needed!!!!