Thursday, 4 May 2017

Elections, voting and living in the Dear Green Place.

As I walked home from the polling station today, I saw one of the things l love about Glasgow.
It's the trees and the knowing that there is plenty of green space in this city for the people to look at, walk in, kids to play in..................
There is a good reason the  name Glasgow  means Dear Green Place!!

Over the past 2 1/2 years, I've seen this view more than usual - because  we've been to the polls more times than usual.

Independence Referendum.
General Election.
Scottish Election.
Referendum on Europe.

Today was council elections and in 4 weeks, ANOTHER  general election.

(has no one told our elected members about voter fatigue?!?!?!)

The  general election was kinda sprung on us by Cruella,  oops, sorry Theresa May.

She says she wants a strong government.
I've lost count of the number of times I've hear those words lately and it isn't really cutting the tomato sauce in my life.

Not when there have been so many cuts to social care, cuts (in real terms) to benefits, people being turned down for PIP, who are ill, unable to walk far - even tho they would love to be able to walk and work and not be dependant on the welfare sate for money.

I was wanting to really have a go at anyone who turned up at my door looking for the promise of my vote.
I wanted to know WHAT they were doing to help the most vulnerable in our society, the people we really should be looking after.
And what about the people who care for them?

I saw this morning that unpaid carers save the government £15.1 million each hour. How true this is, i'm not sure, but given that we get £62.60 or thereabouts for more than 35 hours of caring.................. Go figure out just WHY i'm so mad.

I don't want a pat on the should, I don't want to be told I'm "doing a good job".

I want to be trusted to use my Son's SDS budget the right way.
Not live in fear that (as has happened to others) I will be told i'm not doing things right and as a carer, I am not allowed to go on some of the short breaks with Peter.

(think about this. Much as the workers would LOVE to go to Disney, the time away would take something 106 hours, roughly of his support. Given that he gets 15 hours support a week, how many weeks would we have to go without support to cover this break. Can any councillor , msp or mp riddle that one for me???)

Or being told that we're not allowed to choose who WE want to support our young adult.
Or being told that we just don't get it, so, heck, the council will just do it all for us.

Meanwhile, the person getting the support is wondering just what's going on.

All my son really wants to do is go swimming, to art class or walking group. To go to Karaoke and stun one of the support workers who didn't realise he could belt out the Proclaimers or Dolly Parton with such gusto.

All he wants to do is go on a break, sometimes with Mum - take her on Big Thunder Mountain and hear her scream, or go off to respite to get away from me at times.

But did anyone come to my door to hear my rant?
In a word NO.

Now, I appreciate my reputation and soap box may go before me  , but seriously ......No one. Nobody. Zilch, nada, almost nothing. One letter from the SNP, address to my hubbie.

Excuse me, but there are more people than him who vote in this house.

I got to the polling station this morning.

The 2 guys out handing leaflets really got wellie from me.

I did take my soap box (left the high horse at home!!)

Paul appeared to vote as well and he started laughing - told them that they'd better listen, because I may be a small wummin, but I have a voice and I use it when I get annoyed.

Thankfully, another woman came along and said that SHE hadn't had either leaflet through the door or anyone knocking, so I felt better about that, knowing it just wasn't me.

The SNP guy has got my details and concerns that he is passing on to their candidate for Westminster..

Yes, I did go and vote.
Because even in the 21st century, there are people in this world who do not have that  right.

The right to go and put their mark against who they want.
OR, to spoil a ballot paper in protest, safe in the knowledge that "authority" will come after tham for not doing what THEY consider the right thing to do.

I may be getting fatigued with all the faffing about and having to walk to a polling station.

(oh, jings, what a 21st century, 1st world problem. Having to WALK about 1/3 of a mile to go and cast my vote)

Then I remember 2 things - 1, if I don't cast my vote, I have no right to complain about the out come and 2, people fought long and hard to get the vote for future generations and that fight and struggle is still going on even now in parts of this planet we call home