Saturday, 22 June 2013

It's a ..............................


It is official - My friend Linda is now a Gran!


But I don't think i'll be joining the club anytime soon!!!!

Linda's daughter Candace has given birth to the loveliest, cutest, best baby the universe has even known! Her name is Cara Linda, she was born on the 10th of June at 11.59pm and she was 7ib 7oz.

She just forgot the bit in the script where it says she was meant to be born on the 11th, which is my dad's birthday.
But I have a sneaky suspicion that my dads told he to be born the day before so they could party 2 days running!!!!

I have not met Cara yet, but we did meet up with Linda today and passed on some goodies and we had lunch. But I can't wait to meet Cara!!

My resolution this year was to try and blog more often. I will try, but i'm not going to just blog "had a cup of tea" - there has to be a story.

Life takes a busy turn over the next few weeks - Peter and Matthew are away off to Kielder on Monday - yah!!! Peace, quiet and long lies!
And at the end of July, Peter off to Dalry again to visit the animals.

Paul trying hard to find a part time job - to help fund (drumroll please).................... Going to University!!! Yes, he passed his HND and is off to Napier in September to study for his BMus. He has decided to commute to Edinburgh, so that will be fun. I may suggest that he entertains the passengers and pass the hat round to help pay his bus fare!! A novel way of singing for your supper.

So on that note, i'm going to go and veg out before I do a mammoth pack in the morning!!