Sunday, 29 May 2011

The wonders of technology!!!

Technology is indeed a wonderful thing - if it works!!!!
I have been trying to post comments/replies on posts - and my profile keeps coming up as anon and then not posting - like WHAT???? At leaat i know it's not just me - Odie has been having probs and reading the postings, i think others have as well.

I've had a rexlaing weekend so far. It's a holiday weekend here - college was off friday and tomorrow for Peter. Paul alas has his final exam tomorrow afternoon (not all areas have this holiday monday the same day!!)
Last exam, last day he HAS to go into school.
Do i hear cheers and much rejoicing?!?!?!? Well, maybe a bit. And i suspect that for a few days after, he will be glued to his bed sleeping!!!!

No art class for Peter yesterday, so Matthew took him off for a well needed haircut and i decided to read a book i've had for ages, but just not had much time to sit down. It's by Graham Norton. He's funny, a bit rude at times, but it's a good read.
So Me is the book i'm reading.

So i feel relaxed and i've  had a couple of good nights sleep before i have to get baack to the circus that is life!! Mind you, Peter finishes up college in a couple of weeks and Paul is on holiday now........... Just a different kinda circus till the end of august!!! Mind you - they boys are going away for a few days at the end of June - for an outdoor activity holiday. Not thought too much about it since it was booked and paid for. Now just have to look out the kit list and see what we have in the house, what i can beg or borrow from others and what i need to buy. Hopefully the "buy" bit will be minimal, cheap and things we can uses again!!!!

Meanwhile, i'm just going to go off and have a cuddle of Lilo - who seems to be eating me out of house and home almost as much as the boys!!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

I got an award!!!

Here it is!! It was given to me by Lyndy Loo over at The Giggle Fest. lovely person, with 2 great kids and a wicked sense of humour!! Of course she told me to say that!!! It's what friends always do!!!

So i've mentioned who gave me the award.
Now i have to tell you about 5 other blogs i follow and then they pas the award on. And so it goes never know who you might meet!!!

The 1st is Eternal optomost at Linda's Life. Linda and i have known each other for several centuries, dipping in and out of each others lives for most of that time. Peter and i had the pleasure of meeting up with her, 2 of her daughters and her Dad on Skye last year. It was one of the best holidays i have ever had!!

Bringing Brora Home by farmbeachgal - i know farmbeachgal from a yahoogroup i'm on - for large families. But mine is miniscule compared to hers! She has her own kids and has done some overseas adoptions. It is humbling to read of someone who is prepared to put so much effort into giving a loving family to others.

first one:) by junto231. D'ya really think i'm gonna miss out my boy?!?!?! He's just started blogging and with exams recently hasn't had much time. But watch this space!!!

I make soap by Skippymom - Skippymom found my blog on Lyndyloo's site and came along to join in the fun. Thank you, and it's a pleasure to read of you and your family. I think i may have found another soulmate - she sounds almopst as crazy as me!!

And last but not least, The SImple life by Odie Langley. I found Odie on Lyny's blog and read - he has a fairly chilled way of looking at life and always a kind word or remark for you

so bloggers - of ya go and pass the award on!!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Family Memories and funny stories

After the funeral we were at beack in March, my cousin tasked us to let her know any funny/ touching/ silly/off the wall stories we had of Peter. I knew what mine was, but i didn't want to post until i'd written to Ann Marie and the kids to let them know.

Now - for this story, we have to go back 7years to my Dad's funeral. Ann Marie ws a great support to me both when my mum died in 2001 and my Dad died in 2004. She and her sister Eileen were a great help when i was in hospital 16 years ago - getting Matthew at school and taking him to nursery to pick up Peter and things like that. No big fuss was done, but they were among the best who helped us thru that time.

Anyway - that's background setting. The evening before the funeral, we were at the church. AM said that they wouldn't be able to make the Mass in the morning, but would meet us at the place we were having something to eat after - she just wanted to check where. Louise asked Eileen if Colleen (her daughter) was coming. Colleen and Louise were at primary school together and are good friends (along with Katie - AM's daughter).

So the next morning after church, i took the kids to the hotel while everybody else went to the cemetry. Walking in, i met one of the Ed Psychologists who had worked with Peter - she thought we were there for a meeting that was going on, but i told her why (we'd sen her a couple of months before and i'd said my dad wasn't well)

After chatting for a moment or 2, we went to have a cuppa. Then we heard AM, E and Colleen arrive in, Colleen giggling away and after hugs, she said "oh, Auntie Ann Marie - go on - tell them it's funny!¬ Meanwhile, E is telling her to shoosh, cos of what's been going on. I said it was obviously worthy of telling, so don't omit me from the giggles.

The story is this.......................
.....................................................AM had decided to have a shower that morning, but since she'd washed her hait the day before, wanted to keep it dry. So she was ducking round the water, getting washed and well - doing what a girl does in the shower. Next thing, the soap slips outta her hand and flies along the bath. She goes to retrieve it, but loses her balance, grabs on to the shower curtain, which was attatched to a cord with clothes pegs (a changing rooms special i was told!!), the curtain comes down and she falls outta the bath, bum almost thru to the downstairs neighbour!!!!
On hearing the commotion, Peter comes to the bathroom door and shouts to as if AM is alright. (loving hubbie, but he may havea been looking out insurance docs on the way!!). She laughs, saying yes, she's fine, but if he'd had a camcorder, he'd have got £150 from You've been framed.
His reply was "stuff YBF - i'd have put in on You Tube for the whole world to see!!!"

Did i tell you this pair were  are madly in love?!?!?!

And meanwhile, thru the laughs, Eileen is saying "but i was hearing this as i was dring along the M8 at the tail end of rush hour. AM and Colleen were giggling like kids, Colleen ket saying to Eileen - oh sure that's funny mum and nudging her!" THere was almost a pile up that morning!

It was such a funny story and i could almost hear my Dad saying "och, typical of her!!"

ANother wierd, but funny bit of the story is that AM has had a lot of problems with her back since she  had to jump out of a window to escape a fire! I know - we're all in to laughing at the gruesome in parts of my family.

Oh - and the hair - it stayed dry and perfectly coiffed!!

Peter may not have got it on top you tube, but we still laugh at the story now!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Double figures!!!

Yeah!! I've made it into double figures. I logged on this morning to find i have 10 followers!! My latest follower is Skippymom. and her blog is I make soap!! She sounds such an upbeat, funny woman with  a crazy take on life!! So i wasn't surprised to see Lindylou over there as well.

What is it with us scottish women - we seem to have a crazy take on life! Well, that's the excuse i'm giving!
Skippymom cheered my day - it is pouring with rain and blowing a gale out. I had plans to do soooooo much today and i find myself still tapping away here at the laptop. Mind, yopu - i have peace - hubbie out, Peter at college and Lou + Paul still asleep. Yes @ 10.40am still in the land of zonk

So i'm going now - clean the bathroom - if you hear nothing of me, send out the search party and ask them to clean as the find me!!!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Just checking in!!!!

I'm just checking in, making sure that none of you are missing me!!
What - you're not missing me???
Well, i may just go and hide in Lilo's basket and go all moody then!!!!

I do have photos of the weekend - i just haven't had time to put them on the computer yet - it IS on my to do list - along with the ironing, the tidy up and the cleaning of the bathroom - wonder which will get done first!!!!

Mind you - another busy week - Lilo had to visit the vet yesterday - jabs and a worming tablet. Skinned me nearly £34 - i'll need to get the girl out working to help keep her in health care and decent food!! Oh - and cooked chicken to hide the worming tablet in!!! She is a pampered puss - mind you - for most meals it's felix or whiskas - the chicken s a treat!!!!

And we went to the Graduation Mass at school today - well, it wasn't aactually @ school, since the 4th years have started exams, so we went to one of the local churches. It was nice to see all these 17 and 18 yo kids ready to take on the world after school. I was fine - till i saw Monica's Mum and dad. Paul and Monica have been in the same class since primary 1. All of 13 years they have been together. I wanted to cry remembering all the things they have done ,all the chats th\t Tracy and i used to have in the playground, Tommy listening to me put the world to rights as we walked home of a morning!!

But life goes on and as one door closes, an window opens on to a new beginning!
There is a story about St Ambrose - the  patron of their school. When Ambrose was young, he was in the grounds of his father's house. A swarm of bees went round him and landed on him. The staff of the house were worried that he would be stung, but he wasn't - all were surprised. But it ws said that the sweetness of his words spoke to the bees and to others to listen to what he had to say.
So when i'm trying to get all the things i need to help Peter (and Paul) to get on at college and get all the support, i remember the story. A spoon of honey is preferable to a pint of vinegar!

So on the day that is Paul's last official day in school , let that be a thought for you.

Friday, 6 May 2011


I feek as if i've been AWOL the past couple of weeks.

I have 2 good reasons tho.

1 We have our new addition to our family!!!
Yes, we now have a little kitten called Lilo (after the girl in the film Lilo and Stitch!) Well, it had to be something disney, didn't it!!!

This is her last week. She's cute, she's lovable and Peter just adores her. He picks her up like a sack of tatties, and she doesn't mind!!
We love it when she has a crazy half hour, chasing shadows, paper, her toys.................
We've had elections here ths week and all the election bumf has gone to good use. Not to help us decide who to vote for, but to srunch up and throw about the room to let Lilo chase after!!!

Lilo is a very welcome addition to our family. Even Hubbie loves her and coming from one who would much rather have got a dog, this is high praise indeed!!!

We also has birthdays here as well. It was Louise's last week - we spent the afternoon with Charlene and Abby and ordered pizza. It was a nice time and we loved watchin Aby's reactio to Lilo!!!
Poor thing - had to suffer the indignity of the birthday hat.
Someone call animal cruelty straight away!!!!!

We do like this photo of Lilo watching the world go by!!!

And today is another birthday!! Paul is 18. I can't quite believe it - where has the time gone!!!!
This photo is at the front of the album i made up - take what you will from it!!!!

Paul was at school today so we're having a party tomorrow. Friends are coming - ages ranging from 6 months to our neighbour who is old enough to know better, but young enough to not let it bother her. Peter chose who he wanted to be here - a combo of family friends and some  folk from school. And us!!!
He had to invite us - no food or nice things or banners or balloons!! See, mum and the credit card come in handy.

So that's where we've been - playing with the cat, tidying up, preparing food today, playing with the cat................... That's the best bit!! We love it when she kinda backflip turns - it's funny but you just have to be in awe!!! Many a diver or gymnast would be jealous of the moves!!!!

So i'm going to go and remember my 1st day with my not so small (now) baby who's grown up into a lovely young man!!