Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Magic Wands, Light Sabres and a Wedding!!!!

So, the day eventually arrived.
After 2 1/2 years of planning, deciding, tears, tantrums and tiaras, we got there.

Yes, The Wedding Day.

So, we all arrived at the hotel on the Friday afternoon, Luggage, Bridesmaid dresses, my outfit, suits for my boys and most likely there was a kitchen sink in there somewhere!!!

The location was the Golden Jubilee Conference Centre and Hotel. It's attached to one of the hospitals here in Glasgow. Just on the outskirts and overlooking the river.

At this point, I really should post a photo, but I don't have the one of the view from our window.
But believe me - it was lovely, and you would have been hard pushed to know that just a few yards away was a busy NHS Hospital and a few miles along the road, a busy city getting ready for a warm summer evening.

After getting our stuff into the room, we went off for dinner - on a boat, moored on a canal.
We like the unusual!!!
Fish and chips, then back to the hotel for a couple of pre wedding drinks.

And this is where I realise that I DO have the view from the window on the PC.

(ok, I never said that tech stuff was my forte!!!!!)

Not too bad a view!!!

Saturday morning brought the promise of a lovely day.
Yay, sunshine, heat, wedding - what else could we want???
(Winning numbers of that night's lottery!!!!)

Shower and breakfast early.
There was a Conference on at the hotel that weekend, so some of the folk were in the lift with us.
By the time they got to breakfast, I think they were almost wanting tot be at the wedding and forget the conference!!
And I even got a couple of hugs from people!!
This Mother of the Bride was letting people know that we had arrived and were going to party.
Party HARD and enjoy!!!!

So hair and make up to get done, get into posh frock and shoes.
I forgot to put out Peter's new socks and things, so he nearly ended up with tatty socks on! Luckily, Paul had a spare new pair.
But the new belt was still in the room where I left it the night before!!!

Photographer arrived - loads of pics done, but was a tad worried when we told him that the wedding dress wasn't there!!!
Don't worry, quick call to Ann Marie, she was just picking her mum up and was on the way.

(look on the photographers face said worry - we just threw him out to go and take other pics!!)

I did runner for a few things - taking things to people to pass on to others and checking where Matthew was - by this time AM had arrived and Auntie Eileen was checking over the speech!!
Yup - running around a hotel in a posh frock, make up on and in my stocking soles.

In my defence m'lud, I knew it was a long day, so I was staying comfy!!!

Now, this is where the Light Sabre comes in.
Remember I wanted a wand to zap pesky guests into frogs???
Well, I was told I wasn't getting one.
So I suggested a Light Sabre.
Ok, says Louise - get one. (thinking I wouldn't!!)

So it was produced!!!
He, he he - I was having fun.

Bridesmaids and flower girl sorted, AM and I went to get Louise dressed.

The dress was gorgeous.

But we knew it would be!!

I got to the ceremony room and was a bit overwhelmed by all the people.
But, as usual, it was my Aunt Eileen who made me laugh

Why, she asked was I crying - it had taken me long enough to get rid of the girl!!!!!

Say what you mean!!

We scrub up not too bad.
More photos after the ceremony.

And my friend May had a present for me.

I GOT MY WAND!!!!!!!

Now, I was going have really good fun and do lots of zapping!!

I recruited 2 youngsters -  sorry, partners in crime for the rest of the day.

Jamie was on Light Sabre duties, Felicity on wand duties.
Jamie had a great time annoying Paul, they chased each other and generally had fun.

Felicity just wandered of, waving my wand.

Love having youngsters I can corrupt and lead astray.

Chaos, panic disorder - my work was done!!!

Speeches over, meal eaten and time to party

We really don't look as if we're enjoying it, do we????

The last photo is of Abby, one of the flower girls and Felicity - having a break from wand duties!!

It was a magical and special day.
And the conference goers - they kept telling us that we looked as if we were enjoying ourselves and one or 2 said that I looked brill in my outfit!

But it all went sooooo fast, I can't wait to see all the official pics and the DVD

So, i'm looking forward to the next wedding.

(what ARE you talking about I hear you say!!)

Paul and Emma got engaged about 10 days after , so we have another wedding in the pipeline!!!

Mmmmm - wondering if I can get a full size Light Sabre for that one..............................

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