Friday, 26 February 2016

Two out of three ain't bad!!!

It's a while since I last posted.
Life has a habit of getting in the way!!!!

So, what we've been up to................

Peter and I were in Disney last month for a few days. Couple of iffy moments, which we'll gloss over!!!
But we had loads of brilliant moments.
Two of the biggies were helping to cut the ribbon to open the Park on the Sunday morning!! We were waiting for the park to open and chatting with a little girl and her mum. The cast Member came over and asked if Peter and Sienna would like to open the park.
Would they?????
Mmmm, is the sky blue?
Do I enjoy a prawn curry????

Of COURSE they would!!!
And if they don't, us mums will!!!!!!

It was nice to watch them cutting the ribbon and a big fuss was made of Peter and Sienna.

The other biggie was on the Monday morning. 
We had some time in the park before we headed to the airport.
So we went off to find a Princess.
We got our time to go to the Princess Pavilion and waited.
We had noticed Cinderella sneaking in.
I had to explain to him that we might not see Cinders.
So we waited.
Then our time came............

And today, Peter, you get to meet..............


So, I had one very happy boy, who met his favourite princess, and yes, he stole a kiss!!!!

Our time in Disney was great. We got to meet the Mad Hatter and make funny faces.
And we met Tigger at Dinner. We think he may have been Scottish, because when we were talking, he pointed to us, did a bit of a highland fling and did a thumbs up!!!!

We got home late Monday evening and were shattered.
But very happy!!

Plans for the wedding are well in hand.
Today was suit buying time for the men in our family.
Now, this may seem easy, but when is anything ever easy in my life!!!
For starters, we only had Matthew and Peter (Paul had Uni today)
Matthew said he could go and buy his suit himself. He didn't need help.

Not happening sunshine. If I have to get an armed SAS Guard to get you into Slaters, I would.

Men, they just don't understand that things have to coordinate, match, not clash and not make them look stupid.

So grumbling chucked in the bin, we went off.

Actually, it was less painful that Lou and I thought.
Suit, shirt, tie for Matthew and the same for Peter, plus shoes.
Alterations to be done and suits will be picked up next week.
So, 2 out of 3 suits bought isn't too bad.

We still have the hair and make up trials, the hen night (should be fun), nails to get done, alterations to my dress.
Thankfully my shoes have been dyed.

(Another thing my Hubbie just couldn't get!!!!)

So life is busy.
And I've not even started on the looking after Christopher when Loise goes back to work!!!!!

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  1. It sounds like happy busy times in your life right now :)