Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Who decided it was December already........

......... I mean, have I been sleeping or something?
Can someone please tell me what happened to this year please. It seems to have gone in a blur of baby and wedding stuff.

Or have I just been hibernating?????

So much for saying I'd blog more........

Pie crust promise - easy made, easy broken.

So.......... what we've been doing.....
Getting lots of cuddles from Christopher.
Which is fine and dandy till grandad appears and I don't get a look in.
Hmph. Methinks it may be the smallest dirtiest wheeling that boy ends up in!!!

And......... drum roll please, I have bought my outfit for the wedding.
A maxi dress, wrap and fascinator.
NOT what I had planned but I love it!!

You'll just have to wait for pics!!!!!

So, now that it's December, I suppose I should be thinking of Christmas. I have done the shopping for presents, am doing a mass wrap of said presents this week.

The first big christmassy thing will be the putting up of the Christmas tree.
Not quite yet, but most likely the weekend of the 12th/13th.
Gives Paul a break from the crazy exam/performance merry go round that he's going through just now.

It will be an afternoon of mayhem, having Muppet Christmas Carol on and dragging out all the decorations we have bought over the years.
The Disney ones of course!!!
And the one from Yosemite - raccoons on the fir tree.
And recalling the weird Russian couple who were on the bus to Yosemite with us!!!!
We may even have a blast of the Fairy Tale of New York as well.

Christmas Day is at Louise and Andrew's, which means half a ton of Christmas paper for baby to play with!!!

I am going to enjoy it!!!!