Tuesday, 2 December 2014

He packs his lunch in a Sunblest bag............................

...................The children call him bogey.

Now some of you will know EXACTLY what i'm on about, others will be scratching their heads and others will be asking "what the HECK is a Sunblest bag?????"

Well, for the uninitiated, the words are from the song Dignity, by Deacon Blue.

And I was at their concert last night here in Glasgow!!!!!

Louise, Peter and Paul bought me 2 tickets to see them for my birthday!
Lou lived in the vague hope that  may take her, but instead, I took my friend Pauline.
And boy did we have a BLAST!!!!!!

We were up on high in the Armadillo, but even at that, our seats were good - looking down on to the centre of the stage, Watching Ricky Ross strut his stuff, Dougie Vipond give it welly on the drums and the lovely Lorraine McIntosh warble away!!!!

Deacon Blue have been around for the same length of time as Matthew and I have been married - which wasn't just last month!!!
They are SOOOOO much better than all these boy/girlie bands who lip synch and mime along to the songs.

This is full in yer face singing and music that makes you want to get up and clap, dance and cheer the night away!!!!!

Pauline and I reckoned they were looking good and hadn't really aged.

Then we realised that we are of a similar age - and i'm not sure that either of us could jump about a stage, singing, playing instruments and generally just having a great time!!!!!!

What made it even more special for Pauline and I is that we are both carers and to get a night out - especially during the week and know that Luke and Peter are looked after (so we don't need to worry or rush home!!).

So this was bliss and it made the little drinky poo go down a  lot better!! ( thank you Pauline!!!!)

We also met our friend May at the concert, along with her hubbie Pat. He had been told to bring plenty cash, lest the 3 of us get lifted by the police and we needed bail money!!!!!

The songs are brill (did I mention that?!?!?!)
Mainly, I think because they are well written about life and experiences that many of us have. And they are so well sung. And they seem to enjoy what they do!!!!

And thanks to our taxi service (aka Lou and Andrew!!) we got there and home safe.

Still singing away!!!

We tried to convince them it was a rubbish concert, but I don't think they believed us!!!!

Oh, and the Sunblest bag - Sunblest is a brand of bread and comes in the plastic bag type covering. When the bread is done, people will keep the bag and use it to put there lunch sandwiches into it.

See us Glasgow folk - we were into recycling long before it became trendy!!!!!