Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring has sprung

.......................well, for a day or two and then decided it was too cold and went back under the covers!!

I even managed to make a start on trying to tidy the garden.
Not a good idea - I spent the next day in agony!!!!

So we are still making wedding plans.
I have asked if I can have a wand!!!
The kind that usually the flower girls have.

C'mon people - you know by now that I don't like doing normal!!!

My reasoning is that I can wander round the venue in the evening and anyone who has the bare faced cheek not to be enjoying themselves, will be zapped into a frog!!

The rate i'm going, the only thing i'll be wearing is a colour coordinated strait jacket that matches the bridesmaids!!!

And the men in white coats will be on hand to whisk me away to a safe place!!

Oh, the joys of living in this crazy house.
Well, you've got to be like this when your sanity has gone awol and is refusing to return.
(actually, I hear tell there is a UN Treaty banning be from ever approaching my sanity again!!)

Ah, well......................

Peter has another contribution to an art exhibition coming up. I'm not too sure when it is, but I think the theme is "me" and he has been doing pics of all of us and compiling a bit of info about himself. Couple of extra sessions and hopefully the work will be done.

We were at a meeting last night with Enable - they wanted some feedback about the support they offer and what they could do to change things and how people could get involved in things like interviews.

You all know me - I'm up the back rabble rousing!!!

But it was good to meet people and hear about what they do.

And it's 7 weeks and 4 sleeps till our Disney Adventure!!

Not that I am counting!!!!