Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's beginning to feel..........

...............A bit like Christmas.
At last!!!!

I can't believe it has been nearly 2 months since i last blogged.
Have i had nothing to say??
Well, no, not really, just not much time to say it!
Such is life in this house.

After the departure of Josh, we now have 2 new workers and some back ups as well.
Ok, Callum started off as a back up worker, but is now doing Mondays with Peter and it seems to be working out well. They have lunch, go swimming and then decide what else they want to do. Usually works out well.
Lauren is doing Wednesday and Thursday. 
Again, going well and like Callum, often thinks of different things to do.

We've had a hospital visit.
Remember the infected toe? 
Well, we decided that after years of infections (and that doesn't even count the times we've managed to stop the toe becoming infected), it is time to get the toe nail OFF. A segment was removed 10 years ago, but the good effects didn't last long.
The podiatrist at the clinic thought day surgery and a general anaesthetic was the right way to go.

Pre op assessment last Wednesday and hopefully, the surgery will be done and dusted before mid feb.

We also had a visit from the psychiatrist from the Learning Disabilities team at the beginning of the month. She has started an assessment and will see if she can figure out these vacant spells and laughing/talking to himself spell that Peter has been having. She'll see us next month, but meanwhile she's getting some of the paperwork our GP has sent to her so she can look at that.

To be honest, even though i'd bought and wrapped pressies, i couldn't start to feel christmassy till i'd got those appointments out of the way.
Oh, and found out who was actually going to BE here on the day.

Peter concentrating!

Simba hiding behind a Mickey ornament!!

Peter wondering if this is our transport home!!!

Luckily Matthew and Lou both have Christmas day off, so it's a full blown turkey and trimmings day!

Hope you like the photos. We kind of have a tradition that we put the tree up together. It may not be picture perfect, but we all get to look at the decorations we have amassed over the years, remember visits to Disney in Paris, being in Yosemite in California. It's a nice afternoon and we generally put on a Christmassy DVD.

What am i saying - there is only ONE dvd we can have on.

Muppet Christmas Carol.

Nothing else will do, and i love to hear Kermit sing One More Sleep Till Christmas!!!!

You can just see Simba's paws under the tree. So far, the score is

Cats 2 - Christmas Tree 0 !!!!!!

I did say that i might take the tree down early, which brought howls of "but we always keep the tree up till the 12th night!!" Lou usually reminds me that i made sure i got home in time after Peter was born to get the tree down. (not that SHE can remember!!!!)

And the last photo - at George Square - with Rudolph!!  

So, by tomorrow night, we will all be home, getting ready for the day.

Mind you - 101 things to do before that - Lou has work, Matthew will sleep off the 3rd night shift and i think Peter and Callum are going to the carnival. (thanks to some free tickets that Enable gave me!!) Paul might go with them - IF i give him enough money!

Whatever your plans over the next few days, i hope you have a lovely, peaceful time with people you love and care for