Sunday, 28 October 2012

Life is a series of meetings and partings...........

Now, i'm not going to get all Christmassy on you - yet.
But i just thought Tiny Tim's words are apt for my life at times......

Over the years we have had many meetings and partings. 
Some good, some bad and some terrible, but mostly, it has to be said, i have learned to deal with them.
Obviously, we have had medical staff - the meeting with the doc to decided to "diagnose" Peter with a condition he didn't have was not the best meeting. And it was a parting that couldn't come too soon!!!

Genetics and neurology came along. Genetics are still lurking in the background, but the other lot have almost fallen off the edge of the planet!!

The partings i didn't really didn't like were the ones where we had met and built up a trusted relationship with medical or teaching staff.  Then they went off to pastures new. Certainly, in the early days it was VERY hard - i felt often i was left in the lurch and then had to start explaining things all over again to someone new, who may (or not!!) think i was a tad neurotic! 

It was even worse when the more or less told you you WERE neurotic and that your problem was that you had "too many professional friends"!!!!!!

Anyway - our latest parting is Josh.
He's been helping to support Peter for almost a year.
But i feel as if i have known him soooo much longer.
It seems like we've known him forever.
As i've said before, he's very gentle, but always knows just how to push Peter a bit further when he needs pushing. 

Josh has decided it's time to go off to Amsterdam to live and work for a while. He felt if he didn't do it now, he might never. 
So, reluctantly i let him go.

Now, i did consider tying him up and locking him in the garage or the boot of Lou's car, but that would have been a bit much, wouldn't it?!?!

[just agree with me and don't tempt me into ways i can't get out of!!!]

So he's Amsterdam bound in the next couple of weeks.
He tells me of good easyjet prices for flights!
My brain is working overtime - a little trip to the city of canals and trams.

All part of Peter's respite and support of course!!
Mind you - i need to work on the outcomes and state my case!!!!

Mind you, we did have nice meetings and partings as well in the past couple of weeks.
We were off to Skye to meet up with Linda et al and renew our acquaintance with Chrissie and her Hubbie who run the B+B. Chrissie is lovely and thinks Peter is great. If all he wants is sausages and toast for breakfast  then that's what he gets.
And the views out of the window are heavenly. We saw the Cullins with a dusting of snow on top and the trees had hues of browns and reds. I would challenge any artist to capture the scene and do it justice.

During our time on the Island, Linda, Peter and i actually headed back on to the mainland.

The first day we headed to Plockton, a little village. Some years ago, there was a fictional police programme set here called Hamish MacBeth. But it was Jock the dug who always made it for me!! (Jock being Hamish's trusty friend!!!)

Now, if you think Portree is quiet, wait till you visit Plockton.
A smattering of houses, a few little shops and a pub.

Oh, and the main street ends in a dead end.
Only one road in and you take the same road back out!!

But the views across the water...............

We went to the Plockton Inn for lunch and loved it. 

The next day, we headed off to Elian Donan Castle, which inspired the castle in the Disney film Brave. Again, lovely views across the water back towards Skye.  And lunch was good.
I know it always sounds busy when we head to Skye, but it's "good" busy.  We enjoy being with Linda and her family and it gives us a break from our usual routine. At night, before we went back to our B+B, we would go back to Linda's and relax - helped by the bottle of Southern Comfort and the Kimble's goodies!

These kinds of meeting and partings i don't mind - because we usually visit every few months and enjoy. And while the partings can be a bit sad, we know that soon enough, it'll be time to head back.

And enjoy!!!