Monday, 27 August 2012

Back on that roller coaster.............

....................And I really DO want to get off.

It has been a fairly crazy few week chez Johnston.
Nothing big or life threatening, but a million and one small things all happening at once, or at least, one after the other.
Now - if it was one BIG thing i could cope, but not a run of small stuff.

It started just over 3 weeks ago. Long story short, we decided to get another cat. Were going to adopt one, but due to circumstances it didn't happen. So Lou had a look on Gumtree, we found a kitten and got in touch.
Next morning when we got up, turned on the laptop and found it had a virus and the firewall was denying access to the internet.  
So off we went to pick up said kitten (went well ) and go to buy new litter tray plus kitten food.
On the way home, it rained so much, i thought we were sailing back up the motorway!!! Got home and Lou went to get my friend May to let her meet the new addition.
By the time may went home, i was wondering if we'd done the right thing - hissing and growling a plenty and litter trays at dawn .

Sunday morning got up. Cats still alive - the had been kept in separate rooms!! And then i found a note from Paul - the washing Machine seemed to be having problems.
Oh and on top of all that, i got a form about one of Peter's allowances, to be filled out to see if we could still get it.

Monday was spent phoning - vet insurance, wet and washing machine man. Needed him most!!!
Tuesday, the vet - to find out that our "she" was a "he", so not only a sex change, but on to our 3rd name in 4 days!!!! The cat is now called Simba!

Wednesday took us to the Enable office  to get help with the form and on to Kimbles for hot choc!!!

Thursday the washing machine got sorted.
Then the postman arrived with a letter. From Genetics. Results. 

It seems that Peter has a deletion on chromo 4 and additional material on 15.
At the moment, i'm not quite sure what it means, but i'm made another appointment with the clinic, we've waited 22 years - another few weeks is nothing.
went shopping with Lou later. We had to pick up a dress in town. Alas, on our journey, we had a bump in the car. Bolshie woman in front who told Lou to get outta the car in the middle lane of the M8!!! I didn't see her gesture, and if i had, Lou would have been told to stay put. Woman was very intimidating and very loudly told Lo to Come see what you've done and demanded her insurance!!! Luckily the police arrived and told us to move over to the side.
Poor Lou - this wifie's car had one scratch. Lou's had a bashed in grille and a smasshed up reg plate. But she insisted on getting the dress!!!

Friday - well, trip to the Docs - Lou was very shaken and when i explained to the receptionist, she said she'd get the GP to phone me. He did and said to bring her up. He was really good . Calmed her down.
Can i just say here - our receptionists are always really good and they KNOW i don't call for   just anything. And they listen to me.

Insurance was phoned and most of the rest of the day was spent talking to folk about the car or taking it to the garage to get the estimate. Mind you, as we were about to walk out the door, the social worker phones - he times it right - last time he called i was mopping up hairballs and trying to load up the washing machine!!

And so our days went on. I couldn't get a self referral for physio for nearly 2 weeks after the bump - told them to forget it, if  i was headless by then, i'd deal with it.

Mind you, for a couple of nights after the bump, i'm sure Usain Bolt was celebrating at the top of my spine and across my left shoulder!!!

A few other piffling things happened and i nearly decided not to head for Skye.
But we're going.
In the morning.

Mind you, we did have something nice - i met up with some of the Unique families again - we went to kimbles and had a nice afternoon. A couple of families we hadn't met the last time were there and it was nice to meet them.
I had to giggle at one of the Dad's - we were chatting and Lou was there and said something about working in Sick Kids - the dad said "oh, i thought your face was familiar!!
This was Lou minus the uniform and with her hair down!!! 

So i'm away to pack the last of the stuff and get myself to bed early (which means it'll be about midnight!!).
But first - a strong drink!!!