Thursday, 12 July 2012

All Quiet on the Eastern Front............

...................I should actually know better by now than to say that things are quiet in my house - it usually means something is a brewing up and will most likely blow in my face some time soon!!!

The boys had a good time at Kielder again this year. Canoeing, sailing, zip wire - would have been nice to see all the photos - if some little toad called Peter hadn't decided to delete some of them!!! So NO photos of the visit to the Birds of Prey Centre.
Thankfully, the one of Peter holding the Olympic torch was still on the memory card. I would have been gutted to be told he got to actually hold a torch, then not to have seen it. One of the visitors to the centre had carried the torch thru Perth a few weeks ago and brought the torch to show everyone. 
Something for the scrap book me thinks!!!!

Mind you - getting the boys home was a bit problematic. There had been horrendous rain and landslides on the track between Newcastle and Edinburgh.   
Much phoning and trying to explain to the guy from the train company that my boys WERE booked on one train(which he said didn't exist!) and asking if alternative arrangements were being made............. I decided to ask Lou if we could drive down to meet them.
The centre said that they would bring them up to Gretna, which cut an hour off out journey. We met them at the Outlet Park.
Mum's credit card if needed - what more could a girl want?!?!?

We decided to get something to eat (total rip off, as most places just off motorways are). Paul was grumbling that he was tired and really just wanted to get home and go to bed.
Lou told him NO WAY!!
If she had drive nearly 90 miles thru rain and spray from Eddie Stobart trucks, she was going to take advantage of SHOPPING!!!!

We did buy a few things - best bargain was a Gap zipper for Peter - £20 instead of £35.

And some chocolate from the Cadbury shop.

We eventually got home and i spent the next week wading thru washing. Fun!!!!

This week it's Matthew's turn to be off on adventures. He's camping on Skye - near Portree. Linda met him on monday when the bus arrived in town and promptly dispatched him off to the camp site with Harry, our taxi driver. He promised Linda he would phone and arrange a time for meeting up for lunch. 
That will raise a few eyebrows in town - Linda - with an unknown man who got off the Glasgow bus!!! My but isn't she a hussy that one!!!

Heck  i'm not saying anything here i wouldn't to her face! The only thing she said was they wouldn't go to Marmalade - she's been there twice in the past week with friends, so a 3rd visit, with a guy would really cause heads to turn!!!

Matthew is home on Saturday. I think he's been having a good time. Weather has been good and he's done a fair bit of walking about that part of the island.

Meanwhile, i'm meant to be working on a financial inventory and management plan for Peter's guardianship. Oh man - it's like losing the will to live - slow death by paperwork. Luckily, i can print off bank statements from the internet, but i need to get letters confirming how much he gets in allowances. Those phone calls are done and i can just print off what i need when i get it all together. But the management plan is so much harder. We have to account for what his money gets spent on - not piddly little things, but if i buy clothes or stuff - we have to show where his money goes. I can understand WHY, but i'm not an accountant or auditor. I have a couple of questions i need to phone and ask about, so that is on my "to do" list for next week

Next month, Peter and i are going back to Skye. I can't wait - a few days to relax, chat and just enjoy. I have been stashing away contraband!!
Ohh - that makes me sound dodgy, doesn't it!!

I have some posh nosh for the cats - the applaws food that seems to go down well. And some other food called Purely - Lilo enjoys that, so i thought i'd get it.

Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets, to give said machine a treat!! Well, it's used to the Co op own make stuff, so it'll get a thrill! 
And of course - the Southern Comfort.

Tea bags and good coffee also stashed away and Kimbles choccies will be bought!!!

And the dealing with Peter's support is ongoing and booking some respite with the animals is  a must  - i may book myself in. Log fire, e reader. Cup of tea. I'd be happy!!!

So, actually, it's not been that quiet. But for once, nothing major, no tantrums, no fights, no bodies to be disposed of in the recycling bins - for now!!!