Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hold on..................

..............And live in hope!!!!

I'm even living in hope that this blog will get written some time this side of the next Millennium, never mind this week!!!
Since i started to type, several nanoseconds ago, i have had a couple of requests to get on the laptop and the dining room has suddenly turned into Glasgow City centre on Christmas Eve - busy!!!

So you'll understand WHY i live in hope!!!!

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you are enjoying the post holiday time. If you have been hit by storms - like we have, i hope you have minimal damage to property. Only (cross fingers) damage we have had is to the fence that divides our back garden from the next door neighbours. Technically - their fence and given the weather here, i'm not pushing to get them to fix too quickly. It has happened before and they have sorted it.

We had a good time on Peter's birthday - we went on the big wheel here in Glasgow. It was raining, so we didn't see too far and Paul was deep breathing, trying to get over his fear of heights!!! So it was interesting! And a visit to the cinema (Saw Puss in Boots) and then ordering pizza for tea and Peter was happy.

And so were we!

Holding on seems to be the words for this month. 
Not just because of the wind and rain either.

We decided to get back into the rat run of trying to find out who Peter's social worker/care manager is.
So, last Friday, Louise phoned the Learning Disabilities Team. They promised to phone back. I didn't expect to hear anything till Monday. Still no phone call. And given that the girl on Friday said she couldn't locate Peter's name in the system, i was getting worried.

So Louise put on her best "i'm gonna find out voice" on and phoned again.
To be told that the LD team have moved to Easterhouse Social Work Office.

Now - let's put it in perspective. I'd much rather do a YEAR in downtown Beirut than a moment in this office. One time we were there - when Peter was younger and i was in fear for my life. A drug addict was kicking off and it was S.C.A.R.Y.

So Louise phones, to be told that maybe Peter is not in the system.
He Bl**dy well should be and started chucking names at them that should be known who are high up.
Eventually, she spoke to a duty worker (who knows us as much as we know the moon!!) who said that we could write and request to be allocated a worker, but since things were "ok" at the moment, chances are we wouldn't be allocated.

At that, i am surprised Louise kept calm. She said that we WOULD be requesting a worker and that one SHOULD be allocated BEFORE we get to crisis point and then they come in all guns going and don't listen to us as a family.

I phoned Enable to find out who was covering today.
And then slapped the social work junk on them!!
He he - I had to do it to someone.
Alisdair said he would try and get in touch. And i'm going to phone and put them straight on a few things.
Like they will NEED to allocate - SOON. We have our application for guardianship going into court in about 12 weeks. I am NOT having someone who does not know us writing a report to help decide if i  am a suitable person to look afrter my son's affairs. Given that they were the ones who cocked up 5 years ago, i am not overly  keen to give them the chance again.

They have also set a date for a review - but told no one!!!

Like, what part of person centred planning do they not get??

Methinks i will be doing a lot of holding on and hoping over the next few weeks!!!