Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hang your shining star upon the highest bough................

..................I have to admit, till today, I've been a bit Bah Humbug. I couldn't seem to get into any kind of spirit, never mind the Christmas one!!!
The pressies - mostly - have been wrapped, the tree is up and the cards are up.

But still no festive wotsit!!!

Matthew has been enjoying the new job - just over 5 weeks and first pay - that did kind of help. Then he gets his days off for next week - off Christmas day and Boxing Day - so that's good. Lou is off as well, so we get to have dinner, open pressies and enjoy.
So, the spirit is slowly seeping in.

(some would say it's the southern comfort spirit seeping in - they'd be right!!!!!)

Yesterday, Peter and i went in to town. Not too bad - busy, but not the "Let's get outta here" busy. I treated him to and Alice in Wonderland ornament he'd seen. He asked if it was to be sent to Santa - i told him that he could put it out NOW - well, when we got home. He was happy.
Then to Kimble's to treat us to some nice choccies. And to Whittards for some nice coffee to feed my new found coffee addiction!!

This morning, i had to go to the bank. Coming out, i saw that some kids were on the tour bus. It was their Christmas day out and they were loving being on the top deck of this open topped bus - in the drizzle and dull skies - and just having a great time. They were looking down to the folk on the streets and i just had to wave!!! And i got one back!

Funny how something small can just change your day - for the good.

I know i should have something profound to say, but i can't think of anything. Some of the bloggers i follow have had a rough, tough time this year - not always big things, but enough that i wish i could go and at least make a cup of tea, or give them a bit of company for a while.

BUT - i think our good days are like that shining star. So put your star somewhere high, where you'll see it, even on the darkest of days, when you think nobody really cares. Think of me and have that cyber cup of tea, or coffee, or glass of wine - it'll be on me! 

So, if you celebrate Christmas, or Hanukkah (hope I've spelt it right!!), have a good time with family, friends.................
Or if you just have a break at this time - enjoy!!!