Saturday, 9 April 2011

Relaxing weekends.

To be honest, i don't usually get much time to relax at weekends. I'm usually trying to get Peter out the door to art class or catching up on ironing or trying to do other things relaxing just goes outta the window!!!

That's why i love it when Peter goes off to respite over a weekend. I try not to do a lot of the "usual" things and try to chill, even if it does mean my ironing pile grows to Mount Everest proportions!!!

THis weekend, Peter is away for his first lot of family based respite. Remember the family with the log fire and the small holding in Ayrshire??
Where the guy mops the kitchen floor???
Can't decide if i want to book in myself or steal said guy and his floor moping skills!!!!!!

Off we went yesterday lunchtime. I phoned when i got on the train, to say we'd just left Glasgow. It takes about half an hour to get to Dalry but you're out in the country and it is lovely. Chris said he'd pick us up at the station. I was a bit woprried when he wasn't there when i arrived - had visions of me getting off at the wrong station!!!
After a couple of minutes, he skitted round the corner into the car park. At the last minute, then phone rang and there was a delivery and something else happened!!! He he he - lovely to know these things happen to others - not just me!!!
Chris asked if i wanted to go for a cuppa and make sure Peter settled in ok. So off we went. He told us that his daughter had just spent a few days with her Grandparents and his Dad had brought her back. In his nifty little 2 seater soft top MG sports car!!!!! Oh, wow - i knew who i wanted to go home with after that!! Or at least nab a lift with!!!!!!
Peter enjoyed meeting Chris's dad and we went through to see Carol (chris's wife) and their daughter. Both are lovely and we sat and chatted for ages. I met the pig - Jemima and saw the geese and horses, so i think the plans for last night were to let Peter meet the animals.

They were going to make plans for the rest of the weekend. The weather forcast is to be good, and in Glasgow today it was lovely and warm. So i hope it's the same down there.

I know Peter is happy, so i'm not worried and any problems we can phone or they can phone us. Carol asked if i wanted Peter to phone - i said only if he asked and wanted to tell us about his day. They said that ws ok, and are going to phone on monday evening to sort out times for us picking Peter up on tuesday. I know he's in good caring hands, so i can have a relaxing weekend.

On the way home yesterday, i popped into M+S at the station.

I decided to buy some goodies for us to eat over the weekend. Bought lovely pizza, some paella and other goodies. Something quick and easy.

Our plans - well, nothing really. Matthew and Louise were both out today. I went to Boots to get some photos downloaded and developed  and Paul did some music. Lou and Paul are going to the cinema and i'm going to make up for the migraine that i landed last night when i got home!!! Luckily, if i manage to get a migraine early and zap it with painkillers, i'm usually ok. Still have a sore head, but nothing like as bad as if i let it go. I swear, my idea of hell would be a constant migraine. Fortunately, i don't get them quite as often now. (this is where i look for all manner of wood to touch and for a lucky rabbits foot and surround myself with anything i can think of to ward the damn things off!!!). It's usually when i'm starting to relax after a time of pressure or things getting on top of us that i get one. I have learned to spot the signs, so i can usually avoid them or keep them minimal. I did sleep reasonably well last night and hope it's better tonight.

So, i'm going to go and have a little tipple tonight and relax in front of the tv!!!